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Top 10 Clans - December 2022

Top 10 Clans - December 2022

1st Jan 2023 - 12:16am

This is the the official Looking For Clan top 10 clans list for December 2022.

Congratulations to last month's top clans:

League: All Clans

  1. Winter Clan (65 Votes)
  2. Fate Gaming LLC (49 Votes)
  3. StarFleet (22 Votes)
  4. Knights Of Chaos (12 Votes)
  5. Hyperplex Gaming (10 Votes)
  6. Seismic (7 Votes)
  7. Natural Born Killers (7 Votes)
  8. Weapon_X (7 Votes)
  9. Pyramid Gaming (6 Votes)
  10. MYTHRIL: The Premier Gaming Community for Adults [18+|NA|PC] (6 Votes)

League: Small Clans

  1. Knights Of Chaos (12 Votes)
  2. Weapon_X (7 Votes)
  3. Natural Born Killers (7 Votes)
  4. Pyramid Gaming (6 Votes)
  5. The Shield Gaming (3 Votes)

League: Medium Clans

  1. StarFleet (22 Votes)
  2. MYTHRIL: The Premier Gaming Community for Adults [18+|NA|PC] (6 Votes)
  3. MPN Global Gaming (6 Votes)
  4. Team Bionic (1 Votes)
  5. Hellraising Gaming™ (1 Votes)

League: Large Clans

  1. Winter Clan (65 Votes)
  2. Fate Gaming LLC (49 Votes)
  3. Hyperplex Gaming (10 Votes)
  4. Seismic (7 Votes)
  5. Agent Gaming (3 Votes)

The vote count has been reset. Start promoting your clan today and earn votes for this month's top clans league.




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