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Knights Templar

Mission Statement

Knights Templar

The [Knights Templar] is a gaming clan with religious elements. The clan's roles, celebrations and customs are based on Catholic history, Christian history, Kabbalistic history and the history of the real Knights Templar. Nothing too serious though, and we have nothing to do with the Catholic Church or any other church or group. We support gamers, gaming, artists and creation of art. Games themselves are art. We have several hundred members from different nationalities. We are a diverse but united community. Our goal is to change gaming culture. We are against toxicity and drama. Everyone is treated with kindness and respect. Gaming is meant for everyone. Our clan has groups for beginners as well as pro players. Due to our versatility, we are a unique clan that can face any obstacle and overcome it. In the end it does not matter if you are good at the game or not. The most important thing is that you like it and have a good time.


The history of the clan begins with the game Warmerise. In 2016, I joined the [Crusader] clan. It was not a very popular clan, only three members. In 2016, Warmerise was closed for a moment and all data was deleted. I founded the [Knights Templar] clan 7th of August 2017. I wanted to create a different clan. A clan that would be against toxicity and drama. A clan that would unite people who think the same way. People who understand that everyone should be treated well and with respect. In 2019, I realized that the clan should be expanded to other games. This was because if Warmerise goes offline again and all the data would be lost something would still be left. Thus began the Colony Program in the summer of 2019. After some failed attempts, we set up Apex Legends I[Templar]I club and Counter-Strike 2 [Templar Soldiers] clan. Main Discord server was founded 1st of May 2020. Main Steam group was founded 15th of May 2021. Looking For Clan advertisement was created 29th of May 2021.

What we can offer for you


  • 1. Access to the Warmerise [Knights Templar] main clan
  • 2. Access to the Apex Legends I[Templar]I club
  • 3. Access to the CS2 [Templar Soldiers] clan
  • 4. Access to our Discord server
  • 5. Access to our Steam group
  • 6. Access to our CS2 Steam group
  • 7. Leadership training
  • 8. Caring, friendly and united community
  • 9. Experienced clan leader since 2016
  • 10. Cooperation with trusted allied clans since 2019
  • 11. Opportunity to participate in events.
  • 12. It is guaranteed that you will not find such a unique clan anywhere else


  • To the leaders of the clan I offer an alliance. You can do the Allied Clans Contract Application if you want your own clan to be an ally of the [Knights Templar] clan. (Available language is English.) Link: 
How to join


First you must do the [Knights Templar] membership application or an equivalent application. You must have Discord because it is used for communication. If your application is approved you will be contacted via Discord. The information will be treated confidentially. Apex Legends club and main clan leader and owner is AlienHunter1. CS2 clan leader and owner is Prophecy. Although EA removed clubs from Apex Legend they are still stored somewhere. If you want to join the I[Templar]I Apex Legends group do the membership application as usual. If you are accepted use the tag TMPR.

[Knights Templar] membership application. This is for Apex Legends club and Warmerise main clan. The Apex Legends club has no KDR requirements. You have to be at least 16 years old. Region is EU. The Warmerise main clan has a requirement of 1.00 KDR or higher. No age or region requirements. (Available languages are English, Hindi, Portuguese and Spanish.) Link:

Joining Knights Templar CS: GO. This is for CS2 clan. The CS2 clan has a requirement of 1.00 KDR or higher. You have to be at least 16 years old. Region is EU. (Available language is English.) Link:


Mission Statement pictures are from The Looking For Clan advertisement last updated: 2nd of May 2024.