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Advertising Opportunities

Need some Promotional Assistance?

Here at LFC, we offer unique advertising opportunities to our members and 3rd parties.

Our site is home to a very niche member base of 100,000+ registered users, each with their own gaming/platform preferences. We represent an extremely targeted way of reaching your audience and focus mainly on players interested in social/multiplayer titles.

We also receive an influx of 50,000+ additional anonymous visitors each month.

Advertising formats we offer include:

  • Mail Campaigns
  • On-site Notifications
  • On-site Banners
  • Sponsored News Posts
  • Social Network Sharing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Bespoke Campaigns (Tell us what you need)

To enquire, please contact us via the official Facebook Page.

Privacy Rules

We will never share our user's information with 3rd parties. Campaigns will be run/sent by our team who will be able to provide analytical data/reports should you need them.

We will only accept advertising that's relevant and of genuine interest to our members. I.e. Game / Clan related content.

Our members receive promotional material on an opt-in basis only. We will never send campaigns to users who haven't given their consent.