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About Looking For Clan

Our Story

A while back, I picked up a newly released game and started the arduous journey to find a suitable team to play with. The whole process was always a pain. Each new game requiring me to log into a new system and post thread after thread trying to find a suitable gaming clan. I spent days searching the forums before finally finding a suitable team.

At this point I realised, there must be a better way? Wouldn't it be great if there was a single searchable portal for all clans that spans all consoles/games? I longed for a tool that would connect me with all the clans I could ever need in a consistent and easy way.

And so Looking For Clan [LFC] was born.

LFC is a universal tool that connects players and clans alike.

As a Player

Browse our extensive list of clans and filter by game, console, member base, and more. Or create a player listing and let clans come to you with recruitment offers.

As a Clan Owner

Create your clan profile and boost your exposure. Promote yourself to players and increase your member-base.