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Agent Gaming

Mission Statement

Agent Gaming

We are, at heart an experienced multi-platform multi-gaming community. Founded in 2014 and reimagined in 2020 with a focus on player talent development. We have generated substantial success from eSports and an extremely loyal and growing community. We are a gaming community that values the concept of being a family have worked hard to make sure we have place for everyone. 

We are established and active: consisting of over 14,000+ active gamers from all around the world. As a result, no matter the time or day of the week you will always have members to group up with. This takes the worry out of finding members to game with. Best of all, we are able to offer sub-squads and teams for more of a tight-knit gaming experience. Our goal has been to become a hub for all types of players: whether competitive or casual.

We also allow you to promote your servers and socials in our server allowing you to grow faster and have more exposure

What Sets Us Apart:

  • Reliable Voice Comms: Redundant, premium-quality voice servers mean our members are never in the dark. Events and more organized on our server
  • Active and Engaged: We work to keep our rosters lean so they accurately reflect available players. We developed automated tracking of activity to help
  • Experienced and Stable: Founded in 2014 and reimagined in 2020, we are one of the longest-lived teams in the online gaming space
  • Solid Community: Despite having thousands of members we try to maintain the small group atmosphere and positive culture
  • Principled Standards: We keep the ruffians out and strive to be consistent in our rules, to promote a low-drama atmosphere
  • Accessible for All: Placed between the exclusive eSports outfits and typical small clans, we welcome all without the need for inside connections or contracts
  • Organized to Perform: Our formations can focus on gaming, relying on the combined resources that the team organization provides for everything else
  • Build Meaningful Connections


It's all about the games. Don't you agree? We play a wide variety of games listed in our games section and will be adding more in the future too. Games listed have competitive teams available as well. We offer games on all major platforms: Xbox, PlayStation, PC (We also offer Switch and Stadia for casual members)

About Us:

We provide a positive environment with a squad system that allows players to connect. When you join our discord you not only get access to our dedicated server, but you also get the experience of being in a real community.

Bottom line, we will encourage you to grow and improve! We don't just recruit people as grinders or employees, we recruit them as friends and as a potential person to be as a member of our great community for months, even years to come. To join Agent gaming you don't have to be a pro as even if you are medium or just bad at a game we will train you.

Although we always play to win, and aim to improve as a group our overall style and ambience is one of community and equality. We thrive in a diverse environment that is social, empowering, supportive and informative. All gamers, regardless of skill, have a place in Agent Gaming.

Toxicity is left at the door when you click the discord invite. This is a place that welcomes not only socializing about your favorite games or games you want to learn, but also about your daily life. We are more than just a community looking for numbers. We are a family with an open door.

We are here for you and we will help each other to be better. There is always a comfortable environment in our community. Again, we help others develop new skills along this journey! We want to succeed and be at the top, but also not to forget where we started from.

You're 100% valued in the server no matter what position you hold. At the end of the day we truly believe that you are what makes Agent Gaming, Agent Gaming. With that being said, you will enjoy a powerful gaming environment with tons of events, tournaments, and game nights! 

What We Offer:

We will be able to provide you with free GFX, VFX, and Merchandise once you make the team. We also have the capability to present you to a huge audience of over 75,000 supporters! Us here at Agent HQ would love to add you to that category of earnings! Agent Gaming will be able to provide yourself with a contract in the near future as we move on in this journey! As well as:

  • Meeting fun and friendly people that can become friends for a lifetime
  • ALWAYS have someone to game with!
  • Organized Rank Structure
  • Professionally Designed and Created Server
  • Tournaments, Events, Battles, and more!
  • Fast-Pace Gaming Community
  • Active Community
  • Show off your skills to the community whether it be gaming, technology, art, etc.
  • Gaining Leadership skills
  • Having a Great environment for you to grow as a Gamer!
  • Community Discord Server
  •  A nice non toxic community
  • Experienced managers
  • Editors for montages , videos, etc.
  • 24/7 management

Again, and I cannot reiterate this enough, we are here to help gamers excel in the world of gaming and every other aspect of life. We aim to help gamers find new opportunities in gaming, as well as improve their gaming experience in an atmosphere built around friends, fun and for the sake of creating good times with people from all parts of the world.

We as a community are dedicated to expanding gamers knowledge of gaming in order to help them reach their personal maximum potential in all types of games. This community is here to provide help for new and old gamers all around the world’s gaming community.

We provide a warm and welcoming family-based environment for all gamers to be brought into no matter what race, gender, religious affiliation, or nationality they belong to. It is a goal far too uncommon in the gaming community, and is not often honestly sought. This community is the perfect abode for anyone wishing to escape the lulls of silly community probation periods, distinct divides in community ranks, and unrealistic demands of attendance.


  • Twitter (8.7k Followers) 
  • Instagram (50k Followers) 
  • YouTube (20k Subscribers) 
  • Official Website (15k Unique Visitors Per Month)
  • Twitch (8k Followers)




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8th Oct 2021 - 11:35am

Discord goes to a server not called agent gaming but the swarm. It only has 40 members in it total. Guessing the one that made the looking for clan posting was kicked out of agent. If anyone actually wants to join Agent I have the invite link to their server. Message me I guess, I'll check once a day.


30th Sep 2021 - 10:36pm

Hi my name is Emanuel and i am 15 years old. My discord is Emanuel24#9516. I am a serious Apex legends player and is looking to join a clan to improve, go to tournaments, and most importantly have fun. My kd is around 1.8 i haven't checked today yet. I work well with others, im a great team player, and i bring laughs and great times to the clan. I hope to join contact me in my discord.


28th Sep 2021 - 3:41pm

I would like to join. My name is Jude I am 11 years old and I play on Xbox One S and my discord username is jugmonkey20. I am a little above average Fortnite player and look forward to improving.


23rd Sep 2021 - 11:54pm

Hey agent gaming i’m looking for a clan so i can improve. I’m a 11 year old boy named Matthew and i also want to join your clan because barely anyone likes to play with me i am online about 5hours a day. If it’s okay can you please let me in. I hope you let me join. Thankyou.


15th Sep 2021 - 6:38pm

Hey Agent Gaming!

Im Interested to join!

My name is Vale, Im 16yo and was born in Austria! Im a High Champ Player with more than 800$ wager earnings! Right now Im Grinding for Arena and Cups! Now I'm looking for a good team, Clan or Org!



6th Sep 2021 - 12:28am

Hi Agent gaming, thanks for the detailed bio.

I'm 23 USA EST, looking to join a clan that has many members as yours does.

I like to play COD warzone mostly, but open to more games

Im tired of joining random games and having people leave mid match and not coordinating correctly let alone not having any Mics to play with.

Im a good team player and would love to join yours.

My discord is ChrisFlucks#9045



2nd Sep 2021 - 4:15am

Hi.  I am an old guy who is looking for some people to play Destiny 2 or COD with.  I am a good teammate and want some people to have a good time with on a fireteam or squad.  I would appreciate the chance to join the clan.  Thanks.


31st Aug 2021 - 4:18am

Hello My name is seadog 

im 16 and interested and joining your clan. I okay a lot of r6. I usually help lead the team to victory. I’m a team player. My discord is HenryHawks#0001 my size is Large. Thanks




16th Jun 2021 - 3:35pm

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Im bored9477

29th May 2021 - 10:56am

I'm looking for a clan to play fortnite 5/6 hours a day, I'm decent at fortnite, and I'm joining to meet some other people to play fortnite with.



26th May 2021 - 11:08pm

I’m looking for a clan to play mostly siege I play about 3/4 hours a day on the game,is there a age that you have to be to join I’m 25 and Im based in the uk.


25th May 2021 - 11:05am


I am a really competitive valorant player.

My main account in which I was Diamond 2 (mostly played againt Immortal players) got hacked and Im now playing on my "smurf" account where I used to play with lower ranked friends.

I am a team player and a gamechanger. 

My main agents are Omen and Jett but I can play Cypher aswell.


Hope I can join your team!


19th May 2021 - 1:45pm

Hey I'm Currently Looking to join the clan. my twitter is ProFeatures where you can reach me at also Discord Is GlobalTrademarks#0535 


16th May 2021 - 7:16pm

Good site! I really love how it is simple on my eyes and the data are well written. I am wondering how I might be notified whenever a new post has been made. I have subscribed to your RSS which must do the trick! Have a great day!



13th May 2021 - 8:13pm

Hi my name is Pantiex, I am a player of nintendo I have 14 years and I play fortnite , I am searching for a clan I play all the days 4 hours and I play competitive,  I am suscribe at your youtube chanel. I really want to be in your clan.



13th May 2021 - 6:02pm

Hey i am Looking for a clan and am a competetive rl player, platform pc im c3 in rocket league, i look forward to joining



7th May 2021 - 6:11pm

Hi there i got your invite and i am in the discord server if you would like to talk my discord is  




4th May 2021 - 11:46am

46 yo gamer here right now focusing mostly on CS:GO (pending between GN2-GN4). Would like to find a mature home for me and my buddy. How do you apply?


2nd May 2021 - 7:07pm

Yo i would like to join this clan i am a comp player i get from 1000-2500 top in tournaments my epic name is SAQR batapro123



2nd May 2021 - 8:32am

Hello, Iwould like to join this clan! I am casual competitive player that plays Fortnite. I am quite decent at the game, and would participate in Tournaments occasionally. I hope that I would learn and improve myself in Agent Gaming. I hope to join Agent Gaming and hope hear from y’all soon! Thank you!


2nd May 2021 - 8:30am

Hey Agent Gaming! I'm interested in joining your clan! I am a casual but dedicated gamer who loves to play COD. So, is there any people in this clan that I could group up with in Cold War multiplayer or league play. I am not the best as I just started playing league play. But, I'm pretty good at multiplayer and have above a 1.10kd. Any response I will appreciate! Thank you.


27th Apr 2021 - 2:14pm

I'd like to join this clan! I'll give you my tldr; I'm 33 and live in central Texas. I play Rocket League and have around 300 hours in it. I'm Gold 2 but only because I always solo queue my skill level is probably around Gold 3 or MAYBE plat 1. I know rotations and have spent most of my 300 hours working on the fundamentals and grinding in free play. I'm normally online Mon-Fri for multiple hours. Not sweaty, just looking to have fun and getting tired of ball chasers. I alternate between my Switch and PS4.

Cerberus vR

22nd Apr 2021 - 5:24am

Any chance I could join? I play competitively on COD and Rocket League, I'm not anywhere near the best but I dream of being a pro in the future.

Scythe Gaming

14th Apr 2021 - 9:15pm

I would like to join this clan! I am a serious Fortnite player who plays every day for 2+ hours. I'm about medium skill level, but I would like to train and become better.