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Hyperplex Gaming

Mission Statement

Hyperplex - A Casual Gaming Community


Hyperplex is a North American-based gaming community founded back in 2013 for the sole reason to provide a mature and toxic-free gaming environment. We have gone through many changes but our core values of maturity, loyalty, and positivity still hold true. Hyperplex currently has three main games: Counter Strike 2, Destiny 2, and World of Warcraft. We also support a temporary channel system where members may create their own channels to play other games or just hang out with friends. The Hyperplex community tries to not take ourselves too seriously but we still like to remain semi-competitive in the games we play. Join us today and make some new friends!

HPX Community



  • We are mostly a North American community but we have members from all over the globe! We always look forward to expanding our reach to South America, Europe, and Asia.

Cross-platform Friendly

  • We are primarily a PC community, however, members across XBOX, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch are welcome to join us for any cross-platform titles. 
  • As long as you can access our Discord, you're good to go!

What Hyperplex Offers

  • No toxicity, no drama, no bullshit.
  • Open door policy with easily accessible & helpful staff.
  • Friendly, mature, and passionate community members.
  • No frills gaming experience. Just jump on and play!
  • Several game nights per week where we all get together and play. 
  • Various bots to enhance your Hyperplex experience - Including a voice/text leveling system and LFG/event bot.
  • Random events such as giveaways, specialized game nights, and movie watch parties.

Major Games We Play

We also bounce around with other games sometimes such as Apex Legends, Battlefield, Call of Duty, Diablo, Minecraft, Overwatch 2, Path of Exile and Valorant. We cycle games in and out of the community based on interest. 

How to Join

  • There is no long, drawn-out process to join our community. Simply join our Discord, accept the welcome screen, and that's it! 
  • Check out our #rules-and-info channel in Discord for more information about the community.
  • You can earn community roles by using text and voice chat, some of which give you extra permissions such as moving other members! Visit #community-levels for more info. 
  • Be sure to visit our #self-roles channel and select the games that interest you so you can see all available channels for those games.


  • Mature (18+ years old).
  • A sense of sportsmanship.
  • Fluent in the English language with a competent microphone.
  • Don't be a dick.

If you like what you hear, check out our links below and we'll see you on the battlefield!

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Lilac Dreams

10th Sep 2022 - 6:35am

Joined a month ago and met some really cool people, they make playing the game more enjoyable than roughing it solo/LFG.
I hope you give us a chance :)


3rd Aug 2022 - 2:43pm

I'm not a hardcore D2 player but I do like doing the end-game pve stuff like dungeons and raids. How active is the D2 community on the discord?


9th Aug 2022 - 5:38pm

Destiny 2 is one of our main games in the community so we often have folks on and playing. We are much more active the first month or two of the season and we schedule a lot of game nights. Since we're on the back half of the season, people play other games or take breaks before the new season so we schedule less events but we have a raid scheduled for this coming Saturday and would love to see you there!