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Team Impulse

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If You Wanna Play Fortnite With Others, Join A Serious Competitive Team And Simply Have Fun With One Of The Best gaming Communities? Team Impulse is the place to go! Being apart of team Impulse is something you won’t forget. Are You Ready To Join The Journey?


Our Clan War Record is 120-10

Team Impulse is about making friends and having fun, as well as becoming one of the best fortnite teams! This is a non toxic team!

We also host monthly or weekly giveaways! For vbucks or other items. As Well As Daily Hosting Events, such as Customs, Zone Wars Or Boxfights! We have many members from around the world! Anyone can join!



Click the join tab above!


Then after read the verify-steps channel.

Recap: So After Reading All This What Is The Deal With Impulse? Daily Hosting Events, A Great Community, A Uprising Team, Free Giveaways, One Of The Best Fortnite Teams!









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Nintendo switc…

23rd Dec 2019 - 7:05pm

Hello my name is leon 15. I from germany and i really want to join your clan i hope you guys still playing fortnite xD my edits  are okay im really good at Sniping  i hope you guys will accept me thanks.

Epic  Lucyelle



8th Dec 2019 - 2:48pm

Fxrst and Jayhawx are some of the nicest clan owners I have ever seen. They care about there members, respond to their questions, and overall help make somebody's day! I have been in this clan for a week now and I'm proud to say how good the clan is! All platforms are welcome, we all respect each other, and many more things to come if you join the clan!!


26th Nov 2019 - 3:26am

This is the firsg clan im ever in but it is awesome there is no toxicity and the owner is a great person and plays with the members even if they are new


23rd Nov 2019 - 10:25pm

The best clan tbh, the owners are great people and its fun to talk to the people in the clan.