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Team Paragon

About Team Paragon

Paragon Alliance is a gaming community where you can come play with other people and even tryout for our Competitive team. 



Our competitive teams participate in

  • Clan Wars
  • Custom Matchmakings 
  • Zonewars
  • Boxfights
  • Buildfights

Join Paragon Alliance

How to join Paragon Alliance

Discord -


The rules in Paragon Alliance are 

  • Must be Mature and not be cringe.
  • No hate speech towards other members
  • Excess use of curse words is not allowed
  • No posting links in general chat
  • Post all your socials if you want to #post-your-socials
  • If you are looking for a teammates go to #looking-for-duo #looking-for-squad #🔍-creative
  • Please dont not change your name if you are wishing to change your name go to #nickname-requests(edited)