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About Foghladha

Foghladha founded the Gaiscioch Social Gaming Community in November of 2001 as a place where like minded individuals could meet and share epic adventures using MMORPGs as a medium. Since then he has lead the Gaiscioch to creating massive public community events enjoyed by thousands of players, a digital publication, a full lineup of livestream content, and has lead their team in charity events for more than a decade.

Professionally Foghladha has worked in the web production field since the release of NCSA's Mosaic beta client in September of 1993. He has used his background in web technology to build the website which received Mythic Entertainments "Best Guild Website Award" in 2005. With over 300 websites under his belt ranging from small charities to large Fortune 500 companies such as SONY, HP, Siebel, Oracle, and Agilent. His works have been mentioned in countless books, magazines and newspapers such as the New York Times, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, and the Web Magazine. Additionally he actively participates in panels and speaking engagements in his field.

His focus is on making social connections and lasting memories. 

Little Known Fun Facts:

  • Foghladha is severely Dyslexic (One of the worst cases UC Berkeley had ever seen) with a weakness in reading and an affinity in problem solving.
  • Started Gaiscioch after watching his friends get kicked out of another guild because they "didn't play enough"
  • Is credited in Kohan Immortal Sovereigns for beta testing
  • Has a habit of leading people off cliffs "accidentally" (in games)
  • Built websites for Jim KoufRobert Miles, Gillian Anderson, Alexander Rossi, and JR Hildebrand
  • Has played American Football for more than 30 years.