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About CultofGaming

Hello everyone!

I have a 18+ community for gaming with like-minded players who love to play a variety of games. From chill players, to casual folks, to hardcore gamers, all are welcome however we do not run tryouts. We are very family-like, inclusive, non-toxic, and I hope you will feel right at home with us!

It can be a big step to join a server full of people, but I can promise we're here to help if you have any questions. The community is what you make of it. You can simply find others to game with, voice chat if you'd like, text chat, and/or join in on events.

We host multiple game events, movie nights and D&D. We also have listeners (if you need to vent), and dedicated servers!

Once you join the discord you'll receive a DM with information on how things work. You'll notice that there's only a few channels. That's because you don't have access to everything right away :slight_smile: You'll just need a quick 5 minute chat as part of the verification process and you'll be ready to go.

Please check out our discord and find a crew that works for you:

See you there!