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Cult of Gaming

Mission Statement

Hello and welcome to the Cult of Gaming. Yes you read correctly, a Cult. Not a clan. Not a community. Unlike any other group you have ever joined. You see friend, that here at the Cult we are all like one big family where there honestly is very little difference between a member and a leader.

Please be 16+ to join

We do not have a military ranking style, like most clans these days, due to the fact we want the leaders to be close and personal to the members. Here in the Cult we only have three roles when it comes to position of power. Members, which is what you will become upon joining and passing our induction to the Cult. Advisors for those who prove themselves dedicated to help out in departments such as comp teams and events. And Leaders. A group of people who have equal power and every decision from event to promotion is decided by a majority vote.

To give a more thorough look into the Cult and some more information. The Cult was formed on the 18th April, with events happening every day from Cards Against Humanity, to minigames on Modern Warfare. For the players who want a bit more competitive side of things, we offer four separate teams within Call of Duty and Rainbow Six Siege both EU and US with coaches and good team players to satisfy even the most dedicated hardcore player.

We have meetings every weekend, or as we call them “Worship”, where we get together and just hear how all members are doing. If we have any news from leadership we will be open and share. If members have anything to bring up this is their chance, no idea is too stupid, no thought is wrong.

We have tried to build our leadership up so that every type of gamer is represented. The Casual, the dedicated, the competitive, the would rather do nothing else then play all day every day player. Whatever player you are, we can assure you that in our leadership we have someone like you in play style.

Here at the Cult of Gaming, we try to facilitate all games, with players from the amazing calm game of pirates “Sea of Thieves” to the crazy “CoD MW” to the team game of “Rainbow Six Siege” and many MANY more. But if you play a game that we do not, then do not be disheartened as we will do our best to facilitate that. No player will be alone when part of the Cult.

We are a Gaming Cult, which works daily on improving a close tight circle between a leader and a member. In the Cult no one is too weak, no one is too bad at a game, no one is excluded. We include any and all. No one is unworthy, and we are not a power hungry Cult, your opinion will be listened to and heard. So if this sounds like something you wish to try, and you are of the age of maturity 16+ then join up. We are waiting for you. We are all important cogs in the machine of Cult of Gaming.

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