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Cult of Gaming

Mission Statement

Welcome to the Cult of Gaming. Neither a clan nor a community. Unlike any other group, you have ever joined. Here at the Cult of Gaming, we are all one big family with minor differences between a leader and a member.



We do not have a military ranking style, like most clans these days. We strive for friendships and bonds made through gaming. The leaders treat members like their family. Here in the Cult we only have three roles when it comes to the positions of power. Recruits that go through a Server Tour (happen 2 times a day). Members, who make up 80% of the Cult. Advisors for those who are dedicated to helping out in departments such as comp teams and events. And Leaders, a group of people who have equal power for every decision down to events & promotions which are decided by a majority vote.

To give a more thorough look into the Cult and some more information. The Cult was formed on the 18th of April, with events happening every week. Our events could be everything from browser games like Cards Against Humanity, Jackbox, to movie nights, a book club, DnD or mini-event in CoD, Minecraft, Among Us or any other title.

When it comes to the Cult of Gaming, the leaders and advisors DMs are always open, if its feedback, criticism or even praise. Feel free to reach out with any idea, nothing is too foolish. No matter what the idea you bring up, it will be brought to leadership and they will vote on it.

We have a game room, where you can pick the games that you play, with a list of over 150 games. But if you play a game that we do not, then do not be disheartened as we will do our best to facilitate that. No player will be alone when part of the Cult of Gaming Just reach out to a leader or advisor and we will fix it as soon as we can!


We are a Gaming Cult, which works daily on improving bonds between members & Leaders. In the Cult no one is too feeble, no one is too atrocious at a game, no one is ostracized. We are not power-hungry and your opinion is listened to. So if this sounds like something you wish to try, and you are of the age 16+ then join up. We are waiting for you. We are all important CoGs in the machine of Cult of Gaming.

If interested in joining, feel free to reach out on our discord account:


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