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Pros and cons of a skilled worker diploma.

People who graduate from college live by the principle: "I'll earn my own" - they work by profession, change jobs, and are always in demand. They are able to perform certain duties, can work in the same place for years, in the same position. They have a stable salary and are often authorities for young interns. But there is a fly in the ointment in every barrel of honey. What disadvantages can we see in the school?


Limited employment opportunities. Your specialty is designed for a specific market segment and does not provide for a well-paid position. There will be no shortage of offers, but the working conditions and payment will be unfavorable not only because of competition but also because of the low rates of payment for similar professions. That is, you will either receive a small salary or constant overtime. The exception is hazardous production, and, to some extent, heavy industry. But here you can lose another precious resource - your health.


Inability to retrain. If you have a diploma in sales or cashiering, it will be difficult to get a job as a commodity expert, logistician, or customer service manager. No matter what your work experience is, modern organizations prefer to invite qualified professionals with the appropriate education to responsible positions.


It's a big waste of time and effort. College specialties involve the use of physical resources. The level of salary depends on the number of completed orders, where the cost of each order is quite cheap. A travel agent depends on a small commission from a tour sold, a computer typing operator on the amount of text typed, a salesperson on a percentage of the products sold, etc. A fixed payment will not change anything - the number of orders is simply determined by the employer. To fulfill the plan, you need to work very hard, and both your head and hands are involved. The result is that at the end of the day you are completely broke, and there is not much money in your pocket.


Lack of development. Any job requires diligence and a responsible attitude. But performing the same duties and working with the same people can quickly get boring. The work of college graduates does not allow for daily self-study and mastery of innovative techniques. As a result, employees gain extensive work experience, but limit their growth opportunities.


The school provides a specialty and a job, but does not provide opportunities for promotion and development. Before you decide to stay in the same place all your life, think about the possibility of change.

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