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Knights of Shadowhawk

Mission Statement

Knights of Shadowhawk 

Knights of Shadowhawk is a namesake that spans many years and multiple games! We are a solid core of players and real life friends that are looking to take over the next new MMO! With years of playing together and awaiting another MMO, we are looking forward to expanding our guild prior to the release of New World.


Knights of Shadowhawk is a guild that was founded on the MMO Everquest. Originally <Knights of Shadowhawk> started as a Neutral aligned guild called <Code of the Forgotten Ways> on Sullon Zek which was founded in April 2003 by Rowena Shadowhawk and Spellhawk Doombringer (Crighton Shadowhawk). While there <Code of the Forgotten Ways> allied with the Evil Guild <Accused Legion> who was lead by Glorificyus Hellgoddess. In March 2005, a merge combined the four PvP servers Rallos Zek, Sullon Zek, Tallon Zek and Vallon Zek into one - Zek. With many members from multiple servers coming together and the elimination of teams, <Knights of Shadowhawk> was formed to unite all these people under one banner for all characters 55+.  

Under the helm of Rowena Shadowhawk <Knights of Shadowhawk> became one of the most pvp-orintated guilds in the game. While not progressing as far in PvE Raid Content as some of the other guilds, KoS made its namesake based on PvP skill and an extremely strict No Hacking policy. While many guilds, members, allies, and enemies came and went throughout the years, <Knights of Shadowhawk> stood strong until just before the release of Everquest's 21st Expansion: The Darkenend Sea in October 2014.

Following the departure from Everquest, <Knights of Shadowhawk> made its way to a number of other games. Those include, but is not limited too: Rift, Neverwinter, Dungeons and Dragons Online, Guild Wars 2, Project 99, and most recently Rise of Zek: Classic Emulator Box. Going forward <Knights of Shadowhawk> is looking to find its new home in the next MMO.



Knights of Shadowhawk is looking for some dedicated players to expand our hold upon the inception of New World! 
-PvP players! In order to conquer a New World, you must be able to fight!
-Casual Players that are looking to enjoy a new MMO in a family orientated guild with years of MMO experience.

-Hardcore Players that are looking to take ownership of the New World through Raids, Questing, and PvP!
-Generally mature players that while are looking to enjoy their time, are looking to be apart of a close knit community.
-MMO experts and novices alike. Let's play, have fun, PvP, and take over a New World!!!

Please feel free to join our discord for more information! 

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