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Confidence: Dating Advice From Two Of Us

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Loveawake matchmaking services not only offers you a chance to meet your perfect match, but also often helps improve your overall dating.  Everyone has their own dating hang-ups. One simple key in the dating realm is having a healthy confidence for example. Dating confidence is a must!

Self-Worth in Dating

You have to believe in yourself and value your own worth.  If you are down on yourself or have that little voice in your head telling you that you aren’t worthy, how on Earth do you expect to find someone else who thinks you are? 

Take, Liz for instance, she is a stunningly-beautiful, moderately-successful woman who brings in above average income and sports a great personality. Everything about Liz is engaging.  It is a wonder why she is single. Liz was introduced to Scott a very successful, and certainly handsome, news anchor. They hit it off!  These two could talk for hours, laugh together and the first kiss was amazing. Liz was starting to fall for Scott and Scott wanted to spend most of his free time with her. A perfect match; however, Liz broke it off.  Scott was confused and so were her matchmakers.  Come to find out Liz felt she didn’t measure up to Scott; he felt way out of her league.  She didn’t feel like she was worthy of someone with even a little celebrity status.  Until Liz gets her confidence in a healthy balance recognizing what an amazing catch she is she will continue to sabotage her relationships.

Confidence vs. Arrogance

Don’t confuse confidence with arrogance.  Arrogance says “I’m better than you!”  “Look at me, I’m Amazing!” “I have so much to offer, don’t you see it? You should see it.”  Confidence is quiet.  True confidence knows its value even if no one else sees it or acknowledges it.  

One gentleman, we’ll call Ron, brought in his profile for me to read so that when matching him with dates his self-evaluation could be conveyed to the women.  This struck me as odd since it doesn’t happen often here at Two Of Us. I was shocked at what I read.  He called himself cute in the first two sentences and in the third equated himself to looking like a famous actor.  Arrogance has to tell someone how good looking you think you are.  I thought Ron was good looking at first, but once I read his profile that thought faded.  His arrogance was repelling.  If you really know and believe you are good looking, you never have to say a word, and that goes for any other trait you pride yourself in.  For instance, if you are smart, you don’t need to tell other people you are smart. The ones who have to tell you what they are don’t believe they actually are those traits.

Exude confidence. Truthfully, both men and women are intensely attracted to confidence. 

Dating and Matchmaking

By using a matchmaking service like Two of Us you get that feedback your friends and family and even most dates won’t give you.  We are here for you.  We are on your side, and if you are open to it we are willing to say the sometimes difficult things to help you be the best you!

Confidence is just one key to dating and life for that matter.  Let us, here at Two Of Us, help find you the perfect match and help you meet the perfect you!

Note: The names and particulars of stories within this dating article have been changed in honor and protection of our clients and customers at Loveawake.

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