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About LordDracoMalfoy

I was a member of SCHQ for several months, and I had the greatest time ever within CoD BO4. Everyone was super helpful if you don’t understand something or don’t know how to do something. I fully recommend it to anyone, wether you’re a master prestige or a beginner (With a bit of experience, not just joining with no idea how to play the game). It was the greatest clan experience I’ve had. Just don’t miss practice without giving reason to an SL or SA. Please, join SCHQ if your looking for a clan that will accept you. They don’t ask too much either, just a few questions to make sure you fall within the correct age qualifications and ask when your available. If that time frame changes, just simply ask to be moved to a different squad. SCHQ is the greatest clan ever. If you do decide to join, tell them that LordDracoMalfoy sent you, and request to be put on Reaper Squad (just my preference, seeing as it was the squad I was on). The SCHQ community truly was the best. You’ll meet some people that you’ll enjoy playing with, and might do it on a regular basis. And all it takes is attending 2 practices a week.

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