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The Fierce Force

About The Fierce Force

The Fierce Force is an E-Sports organization created in 2011 that manages multiple teams for League of Legends. Join Our Discord! We are recruiting Iron, Bronze, and Silver players for entry in IBS Amateur Leagues. We are recruiting Gold, Platinum, and Diamond+ players for higher ELO amateur leagues. 1. To remain on a team you must be available to practice regularly and attend important games. (3 days for practice/scrims and 1 day for important games is recommended) 2. Be respectful of others. Absolutely no homophobia or discriminatory remarks or behavior. 3. You must have a working microphone if you want to be on a team. We are also recruiting staff: Coaches, Shoutcasters, Analysts, Streamers, and Team Managers. We have a Twitch team and a Twitch channel with 6k followers for broadcasting games! We also enjoy Normals, ARAM, Ranked Flex, and Duo Queue with members within our community.

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