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Warcraft III Remake

Warcraft III Remake

5th Nov 2018 - 1:00pm

So who else let out a girlish scream when this news dropped? Just me?

Blizzard have announced a remastered version of the original Warcraft 3. This is brilliant news for Warcraft fans both old and new. For old-school fans like myself, it's an opportunity to relive one of my favourite / most played games of my childhood.

For newer WoW players, it's an opportunity to experience the lore / story that ultimately led to the events of WoW.

This is a remaster, so don't expect any extended storyline / content (this isn't Warcraft 4). However, Blizzard have promised to include the entire story from Reign of Chaos, and Frozen Thrones expansion. They have also suggested we can expect a few enhanced gameplay mechanics and improved cutscenes over the original.

Head over to the official Warcraft III Reforged website for more information.




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