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Hellraising Gaming

Mission Statement


We made HRG so we can provide opportunities to the casual gamer. In HRG we have made several departments that include an eSports Division, Streaming Department, and Content Department. We also have a core community as well. We provide the opportunity, a stepping stone to transform the casual gamer into much more. HRG is to become a powerhouse within the gaming industry. We also believe in giving back to the community of HRG where we provide opportunities with our Reward Systems. HRG does provide giveaways as well for the community as an appreciation to our Gamers. At HRG you are not considered members but as Gamers. We do have multiple roles, ranks, and abilities that can be earned through activity or through our robust subscription plans. No matter what you can rely on HRG as we will never disappear.



We are now hosting rocket league tournaments!
Join for this week's $50 | 2v2 Single elimination Tournament

What are the requirements to join HRG?

--- You must be 13+ years old.
--- We proud ourselves as a non-toxic community.
--- We prefer Gamers from the North American Region & European Union.

What do we offer at HRG?

--- Opportunity into joining our eSports Division, Streaming Department, Content Department.
--- Leadership opportunities are available.
--- Free giveaway opportunities to join
--- We do offer contracts for Streamers, eSports players, content creators and certain leadership opportunities.
--- We provide a free overlay for our streamers that are starting out.
--- Subscription plans can be purchased for additional rewards.
--- In-game factions/groups ie. Destiny 2.
--- Opportunity to grow as a gamer.
--- We offer multiple roles, and rankings.


Hellraising Gaming's pillars that we strongly follow.

--- Opportunity
--- Transparency
--- Fairness
--- To have fun





19th May 2023 - 9:27am

Redactle is a game where you guess the words that are missing from a Wikipedia page. The only things given are prepositions, articles, and commas. Your main goal is to find out what it is about.


9th Nov 2022 - 7:21am

Oh wow, I would want to join this community. Everyone seems so cool and chill. I also love a non-toxic environment since the gaming community is often toxic. I also love your events and activities. Game and movie nights are also something I would definitely look forward to. Once you start accepting new members, sign me up for it.

Anonymous (not verified)

24th Nov 2021 - 12:04am

Hello i am THX-1099 and i am starting a esports league for Teams and clans to compete in! It is like sports so it has a Schedule, standings, playoffs, records and rosters! if you want more details Email me at [email protected] or visit the website at


15th Jun 2021 - 8:01pm

hi im a minecraft pro gamer, i used to play a lot of csgo and i was really good but i didnt had prime so i cant play it anymore, i would like to try for the team and if u can give me a discord link to the server i will gladly tryout :)


14th Jun 2021 - 11:20am

Hey I'm looking to join a Playstation Cod Clan but i'm struggling to find a clan that has enough Australian/Oceania members to play with. I would love to join if there's a decent amount.

Psn is Hilto95

Sys KripliX

1st Jun 2021 - 8:06pm

Hi i play fortnite id love to join this clan and take my gaming to the next level i play pc but also can play console cups


28th May 2021 - 8:14pm

Hello. I'm a competitive/casual player and I'm looking for a clan that's suitable for me, I mainly play Destiny 2 & Apex Legend


25th May 2021 - 11:07am


I am a really competitive valorant player.

My main account in which I was Diamond 2 (mostly played againt Immortal players) got hacked and Im now playing on my "smurf" account where I used to play with lower ranked friends.

I am a team player and a gamechanger. 

My main agents are Omen and Jett but I can play Cypher aswell.


Hope I can join your team!

FaZe 0nesie

24th May 2021 - 9:34am

can i please join your clan i am  semi pro fortnite player with 1000 dollars in earnings i am fairly good at the game and is looking to tryout

my discord is its_a_me_jovi113#0365


4th May 2021 - 9:17am

Hi i would love to join your clan. I am a very good player especially on Rocket League and Fortnite and i even have som earnings from solos cash cup where i landed on top 15 place.


Im looking for a team that are playing smart and fun and becom a better player.

Cerberus vR

23rd Apr 2021 - 2:13am

I'm wondering, do you guys add HRG to your gaming names [or have clans in game] (Like OpTic, FaZe, NRG, G2.. etc do)? I'm looking for a clan that does it and is serious. I'm looking to become a streamer and pro in the near future on Rocket League, COD & Rainbow Six Siege but when I join a clan I want everyone to know who we are and that we are serious.


23rd Apr 2021 - 7:19am

Yes. So it's optional of course but you can either do it as the following:
HRG gamertag

We also have clans and clubs in some of the main games that we have HRG in. Or if you are really good at a particular game you can put HRGC in your name so everyone knows to watch out as well. But if you are going for competitive play it's a requirement to put HRG in your gamertag on the game you are playing comp in.


5th Feb 2021 - 12:12pm

Hi I’m D2 and I want to be a comp player my epic is: XXDX CHAZ