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Pirate Gaming

Mission Statement




  1. Stand by Your Hearties
  2. Be Smart: Don't Steal from Pirates
  3. Gambling's for Landlubbers
  4. Never Bring Your Date Home
  5. Rock the Vote. Every man shall have an equal voice in affairs of moment
  6. Settle Disputes Onshore (with Pistols & Cutlasses, of Course)
  7. Remember: Rank Has its Privileges


What kind of people are we looking for?

  • You should always be interested in participating in squad and large scale PvP, a microphone is a must
  • You should be active and highly competitive
  • You should be willing to learn from others while being happy to assist other members of the company - banter is fine, but no toxicity
  • You should be excited for the launch
  • You should always put real life and family first, but have a deep burning desire to always game with your fellow crew
  • You could be a crafter, a gatherer, a spreadsheet nerd, a fighter... Whatever your profession, don't be shy, come meet the crew by clicking the Discord link above!






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