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Team Bionic

Mission Statement

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Who We Are:

Bionic Gaming is the organization that puts you first. Our mission is to provide a community unlike any other. We started as a group of friends playing games as a hobby but quickly grew into the international esports field. We built Bionic on the core principle of keeping gaming fun, we've watched the gaming community become more and more toxic and noticed people are looking for something new, that's where we come in.

Unlike your typical gaming team, we exclude absolutely nobody. We believe that everybody deserves to be in a community that appreciates them regardless of their age, skill or gender. Sure, you could join any other community server that plays games; but you will, just as we did, realize that these teams are strictly for profit and honestly offer nothing for you to progress your career and/ or brand. We value the players not the numbers and stand by our original system:


Instead of the traditional "You're in, You're out" recruitment system; we focus on your unique skills and abilities, and offer programs to build upon them.

How To Join:

  1. Click the Discord button at the top of this website
  2. Read the welcome page and select "Complete"
  3. Read and agree to server guidelines and select "Submit"
  4. Navigate to #request-tryout and click/ tap the Request a Tryout button
  5. Open the thread that it has created and provide your platform, region and age
  6. Wait until we place you with a recruiter with similar qualities

If you need help or would like to speak with someone, please contact staff.


Junior Program:

Here at Bionic, we understand not everyone is a professional player. For those who wish to improve, you may fill out an application to be placed on a Junior roster. You will play with our actual roster along with the captain of Esports in your region. You will also be invited to the Roster discord where you will be able to join Team Bionic practice scrims with the roster players for real experience. We assure you will improve and this service is offered 100% free, to all our active members.


Bionic MC Network:

We understand competitive gaming isn't for everyone. Sometimes you just need a break and want to play something else, that's what led us to create a new experience for our members. After studying the games our members are playing, we've found Minecraft actually holds the #3 spot in the entire server. Only problem is only a few really good servers are out there and most of those are pay-to-win. A couple weeks later we're proud to present you with our Minecraft server network, allowing you to experience a professional server without all the strings attached. We look forward to seeing you there!


Our Guarantees:

  • We are dedicated to our members and promise to provide a truly unrivaled experience
  • We will provide you with the required knowledge to grow your following alongside ours
  • ALL staff and competitive positions will allow you FREE access to our asset designers
  • A brackets system for you to play against people of your skill level
  • Weekly Events hosted by our dedicated event hosts
  • A real-life simulation bot with a fleshed out custom economy
  • Junior programs for both comp and studios
  • Worldwide Members
  • Friendly & Helpful Staff
  • Paid Positions
  • And so much more!

Bionic is a great place to meet new friends and grow your career; we can't wait to see you!




Anonymous (not verified)

8th Aug 2020 - 10:25pm

Hello My epic is QunxusnisQwacked, and i would like to join this clan. I am on Na West, and i consider myself average thank you if u respond



27th Apr 2020 - 12:09am

Hello my name is Dylan i was wandering if i could try out for your team. I used to play but i quit. I started playing a week ago and i wouldnt say im cracked but im probably average. The link to your discord isnt working so i was wandering if you had an ig and if so what is it?? I would love to join




31st Mar 2020 - 11:04pm

Hey I just joined the discord server, will y’all be contacting me? Or do I need to ask for a tryout? I play fortnite and and 14 years old, I am a claw player and have been for 3 months. My epic ID is ChuckVibezz but my username is ELITE_Bluhff0011 (left that clan couple weeks back)


21st Mar 2020 - 2:05am

Hello my name is MiddlePH in fortnite.i would like to join ur clan but im a default but division 7 in arena  im in asia server pls response.i understand if im not allowed

also how can i join the discord



21st Mar 2020 - 10:03pm

At the top of our listing it should say Discord. Click/ Tap that and you should be taken to the Team Discord Server. Don't worry about about not having any skins, it doesn't matter. I'm sure you'll like this Team, DM me on Discord with any farther questions.


26th Mar 2019 - 12:39am

Hello my name is vividdx (i didn't copy vivid) and i would like to join your clan because you have good rules and nice name i want to  be in your guys clan pls i will 1v1 or something.