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Optical clan

Mission Statement

Welcome to Optical eSports! We are a gaming team that wants to get our name out there. We have been grinding for a long time and we hope that it will pay off. What we offer:-
>A friendly team of all ages
>Zone wars with the team
>Free logos
>Thumbnails and Channel art
>Merch(paid unfortunately)

We are also thinking of the idea of starting an academy/training course and you'll be taught by the best of our team! >We do tryouts but for a better chance to get in, we recommend doing an RC, all details are on the server. What we need:- >Content Creators >GFX >Pro players >Casual Players >Editors We have many spaces open and accept all platforms, however we only accept NA and EU at the moment, join if you aren't in those regions and if we have enough we will make teams for them too. We are also expanding to more games, if you arent the best at Fortnite, we could recruit for another game. That's all from me, hope you join, otherwise have a great day!

If you could please advertise this or send to your friends, it will be very appreciated, however don't spam it or advertise it where you are not allowed to as this might make a bad name for our team. Thanks!



15th Mar 2019 - 9:34pm

I would like to tryout I play on Oceania servers I have 10+ wins and I'm buliding I'm name is XL83 and yes I do have a mic