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Chaos Clan | Pro Fortnite Clan

Mission Statement

Welcome to the Chaos Clan, (now sponsored by Razer & Kontrol Freaks)

We are a large competitive, and casual Fortnite, Apex, and CS:GO Team.

How to join the Fortnite side of things: 

-Watch our Recruitment video here to understand more info on joining-

-Join our epic discord located here: 

-Go to the #mainchat and say "?join" and fill the application out!


Chaos Clans Socials:

YouTube- https://youtube/c/chaosclan




Discord Invite-

Razer Sponorship:

Kontrol Sponsorship (use code "ChaosClan"):


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22nd Apr 2019 - 11:30am

Hi, I am 43 years old and looking to game with people around my age if poss, I have gamed since I was 3 years old, I play PC only, my rig cost me 6k two years ago, I play cs-go mainly, Main is lem, 2 smurf accounts, I play far far to much as I also have a wife and two kids, one is aged 2 the other is 5.

I am posting around to see what other clans are offering.



9th Feb 2019 - 2:47pm

13 y/o

110+ wins

season 7 k/d:1.50

overall k/d: 1.09

highest kill game: 20



5k+ kills

IGN: Mockingjason

Discord: Mockingjason#4883


28th Dec 2018 - 3:07am

Hello I am REAP_GoldenArrow64 and we are a PS4 black ops 4 clan we would like to clan battle you.friend me my username is GoldenArrow64.and we can discuss what day we will battle.we are really exited to clan battle you!