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Eternal Roughnecks {LMAO}

Mission Statement

Roster has been cleared of inactive members making room for avtive players like yourself.  This is a reboot of the clan so be part of making it great again .

***We are only looking for active players.  Please be willing to play with clanmates and join discord.***


Tired of KWTD or must have 300 raid clears in LFG searches? We are a group of US players that seek to find other like minded individuals to have fun with. This includes activities as well as the end game. Our goal is to have others to play with at any given time. We are not trying to be the biggest clan, with hundreds of members that are never active or don't play with clan. You are not required to meet some rigid schedule or be kicked out of clan. We do however expect you to respect others and their time. Skill and power level is not that important because it can be learned and earned. We have a Discord set up so you can talk with fireteams. If this sounds like its for you, great join and jump in with us. If this is not for you, thanks for reading this far and good luck. 

Witch Queen update: Players have been purged to make room for current players. We are looking for active players that are willing to join Discord/group up and play with other clan members. Inactive players are being cut after 30 days of not playing to keep roster with active players. Clan is set to open, so click link below.





26th Sep 2018 - 2:52am

Hey, im getting back for forsaken, can i get an invite? im active often