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Trident Gaming

Mission Statement

What is Trident Gaming?

Trident Gaming is now recruiting, Were a team looking for talented and dedicated players to represent us, Were mainly an NA team. We are Sponsored by Fatal Grips, rouge energy and xidax pc’s

What are we looking for:

-Comp Players 
-Casual Players
-Content Creator
-Video Editors
-GFX Designers 


 - Any Age is available to join 
- Any server 
- Platform PC or Console
-  Must be active 
- Must be able to co-op with fellow teammates
- If you are interested in being a comp player for the team you will be tested 

What the team has to offer: 

-Active Zone wars
-1v1 training
- Featured on the teams YouTube channel when created
- Personal Editor
- Personal GFX Designer
- Customs Every Day!


Twitch -

Instagram -

Youtube -…


Our Proud Sponsor is FatalGrips! Go to their website and get 10% off any item as you wish! 

Code for 10% off - Trident-G

Website -

Our Second Sponsor is Rouge Energy!

Code for 10% off - JustTrident-

Website -


Requirments for RC

- Have at least 10 clips

- Maybe have music in the backround to make the rc better

- Maybe edit the video


Reqirments for Content Creators

- 250 Subs +

- At least 1k views on any video/stream


Requriments for GFX

- Send Me, Spadey or Bxndit the GFX and we might approve
- Have atleast 1 month of experience


Editor Requirements

- Send Me, Spadey or Bxndit the Edits and we might approve

- Have at least 2 months of experience 


Once you join

- Be active on the server 

- Follow rules 

- Good luck with everything else








17th Aug 2019 - 2:17am

why does your listing advertise you supporting mutliple games but when you go to join its application only asking fortnite ??'s  if you play fortnite then you should say we only play fortnite


8th Aug 2019 - 6:27pm

Hey I'm 17 years old.I'm a fortnite player. I have Over 400 wins I play on Oceana looking to join a team


10th Jul 2019 - 12:49am

hi i am a 14 year old fortnite payer and am looking to go pro. i have 300+ arena points and i want to join a team