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Ordo Aeternum (Vanguard Gaming)

Mission Statement

Ordo Aeternum, the militant arm of the Covenant. Governed by war-forged crusaders and inquisitors. Our swords are our prayers. Our Spark shall light the fires to purge the heresy across the New World. Order is Eternal.


Ordo Aeternum

Warriors and craftsman of Aeternum! We are seeking those who have been chosen by the Spark and follow the path illuminated by it's light! We shall bring order to lands of the Eternal Isle by our divine martial and material might! With the help of our fellow Covenant allies, no evil creature of Aeternum nor heretic's of the Marauders and Syndicate will withstand the cleansing light of the Spark that will burn away their corruption. We shall crusade against these forces of corruption and bring inquisitions to bear on those who commit injustices upon the righteous. We shall free Aeternum... the Spark wills it!

Here are a few of the things you can expect from Ordo Aeternum.

  • PvX: For the uninitiated, this means we will be doing both PvE and PvP content. We want to explore everything the game has to offer and overcome every challenge it throws at us. So Expeditions and Invasions for PvE and Outpost Rush and War's for PvP, nothing is off the table.
  • Crafting & Trading: Looking to hone your trades and make your fortunes through material means? Every martial force needs good craftsman and coin to equip and fund their endeavors. We are looking for such individuals who invest their time in this area in order to help them advance their crafts and the Company. 
  • Settlement Ownership: To go along with the above, we are very focused on achieving the governorship of a settlement and holding it.
  • A Place For Everyone: No matter if you're hardcore or casual, you will find a place in Ordo Aeternum and fellow gamers to pursue your goals with.
  • A Dedicated Gaming Community: We are apart of the Vanguard Gaming Community, which is operated by past and current military members from various countries. Don't let this scare you away, we welcome everyone to include civilians into our ranks. We are all the same when it comes to gaming, we love to have fun, joke around and have zero tolerance for any drama.

Interested in Joining? We will be on the NA East Dominora Server. Visit our Discord: and accept the servers rules, then select with the appropriate military or civilian role as applies to you in **Entry Role**. Once complete visit **#town-crier** under our New World category to gain access to the Company specific channels.

Other notable games we play are Escape From Tarkov, Hell Let Loose and Battlefield 2042 upon it's release.


Any questions feel free to contact Grannyhammer#3237 (Cyberias) or Saber#5917 (Tal) on Discord