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Diatech Esports

Mission Statement

Welcome to Diatech E-Sports! Diatech Esports is a Fortnite, WarZone and Rocket League Clan.

Diatech Esports was Founded on the 27th of September 2020 and we hope to enlarge immensely during future months. If you are looking for a friendly environment and a place to make friends. Diatech is the place to go! Being a part of the family is something you won’t forget. We are, without a doubt, one big family. We are held together by the bonds of friendships and the will to help each other improve . We provide a friendly and solid community gaming experience to all members and public guests.


Are You Ready To Join The Journey of A Lifetime?


We offer:

-Friendly Staff

-A great community

-A friendly environment to chill and vibe

-Casual Teams

-Fortnite Comp Teams

-COD Comp Teams

-Fortnite Events (SOON)


-Merch (hopefully soon)

-Server Games

& More!


What we are looking for:



-Staff members

-Casual Players

-Competitive Players


How to Join?

To become a member of Diatech Esports, join our Discord or read more about us using the link below:






For further inquiries 

dia[email protected]


Kind Regards

Unknown and Hollows