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12th Circle Gaming LLC

Mission Statement

12th Circle Gaming is a community built and ran by a group of friends who love gaming and having laughs. We are a 16+ community of gamers that thrive to provide a fun and chill place to play games and find others with similar interests. Todays gaming communities can be so toxic and we have the goal of changing that for the better.

Your skills dont matter, how often you play doesnt matter and what games you play dont matter, all are welcome. Be apart of the change, be apart of something better, be a 12c member!

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19th Nov 2019 - 6:18pm

I can personally say as a member there that this community is a amazing. While small, and still in development, the members, both new and the leaders, treat you like a brother. I’ve played countless hours with these guys and the experience is a life changer. 12th Circle is probably the most homely clan I’ve been in yet and I plan on staying. 5 stars 10/10 would recommend!