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About Virus_6ix

i hate having to squad up with randoms.... 

Currently at 1.30 KD in warzone, dont really play plunder unless im bored and just want to shoot up the place lol 

I play a more defensive tactical style looking for placement before i start to engage with anyone, but im always up for a good or risky push as there is no reward with no risk ! Usually i will push really hard right at the drop if they are contesting. A dead enemy is a secured room !

Im usually a sniper, but carry an mp5 or m4 just for room clearing and such so i dont get caught with my pants down.

Im looking for a competitive team that has good coordination, call outs and situational awareness being high on the list, who is also in need of someone who can hold their own in firefights (in most cases), that want to compete at the highest levels possible. A team that grows in skill together. 

Wouldnt be such a bad thing as to make a few new friends too right lol 


VIRUS 6IX is not actually my gamer tag. Its BrknCntrlr#1207. When i was thinking of a name for my career and channel, i had this as a first option but now i cant change it here so yeah its NOT virus 6ix, IT IS Brkn Cntrlr lol