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Looking for friends/clan

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Hey !

I'm looking for people/clan to play MW3 with. It's very boring playing alone.

I'm an average player with ups and downs and I play on PC.

I don't mind going into the competitive side of things, but my main focus is just people to play with for fun since none of my friends play MW3. 

I'm 18+ and have a Mic.

Hit me up if you wanna play or recruit me !




18th Apr 2024 - 7:47pm

Hey Willquart - Not sure if you're still looking, but I play in Emerge Gaming and we have a great community of Call of Duty players across all platforms. If you'd like to check out our discord with no strings attached head over to!


29th Dec 2023 - 9:46pm

Would love to have you here at OML, we are a small clan, but most of us are just casual players, we do have hopes of getting a Comp side up and running. HMU if you would like to run a few games and join our discord just to give it a try. Have a good day