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40 Something Year Old Casual Gamer Looking For Like Minded Gamers to Play With

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I am a casual PC gamer just looking for some folks to get to know and play some games with. I do have a PS5 and PS4, but I usually only play sports/racing games on them. 
My main game right now is GTA Online. I have only been playing for a few weeks and I am getting tired of all of the hackers/modders in the public servers, so hoping that there is a crew out there looking for a new member. I have played through the story mode of the game, probably around 10 times, so I am not a complete beginner, but I obviously have a lot to learn about GTA Online gameplay. 
I do mess around in Minecraft from time to time and I used to play Arma 3 with a group of folks. They just became kind of toxic after a while with the joining of a few members that just killed the vibe for me. Other multiplayer games that I play sometimes are Wurm and Civilization 6. 
Most of the other games I play are single player, but if the group is playing something that sounds fun, I am certainly not against giving it a shot. 
My RockStar ID is AndreIzzo
My Discord username is the18thletter27
Feel free to ask anything you would like to know to help decide if I am a fit for your clan. 



24th Feb 2024 - 4:19pm

Hey I’m looking for crew members to play gta online on the PlayStation if you’re still looking add my psn: WP_xXDiReW0LFXx


19th Nov 2023 - 2:19am

Hey there! It's cool to find someone into GTA Online and Minecraft. Dealing with hackers in public servers can be a real drag, so I get where you're coming from. It's smart to seek out a crew to enjoy the game without all the hassle and also have Support points there. The diverse mix of games you're into sounds intriguing too. Hope you find a crew that vibes well with you! Good luck out there!


22nd Sep 2023 - 5:37pm

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