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Total War Arena Shut Down

Total War Arena Shut Down

23rd Nov 2018 - 12:36pm

Today is a sad day.

Creative Assembly and have announced the end of their joint gaming venture, Total War Arena.

For those less familiar with the title, it was a take on the hugely popular Total War franchise. It took a highly successful recipe, and attempted to turn it into something that would appeal to players who weren't interested in slow turn-based strategy, but still had a keen interest in epic scale battles.

Players would control 3 units, and take part in massive battles making use of Infantry, Archers, Cavalry and Artillery to name a few.

What's surprising about this announcement is that Arena is actually a really good game. You join up, there's barely any waiting during matchmaking and within minutes, you're into full blown action. To put it in plain english, "It's bloody good fun". The problem it seems, is that it's audience is simply too niche.

Our hopes are that this isn't the end of fast-paced strategy as we know it. Creative Assembly should absolutely try this recipe again in future. After all, would Mary Berry be the renowned baker she is today if she gave up after her first burnt cake? Take note CA ;)

The servers will officially switch off at 10:00am GMT on February 22, 2019. Approximately 3 months from now.

It's been a pleasure all.

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The full announcement can be read here.