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Top Clans Now Live

Top Clans Now Live

7th Oct 2020 - 8:14pm

Earlier this week posted an article highlighting the upcoming changes to the Top Clans feature. We're pleased to announce these changes are now live.

Moving forwards, top clans will work on a monthly basis. Each month, the results will be tallied to identify the top 10 clans. Voting will then be reset for the next month and the process starts again.

To kick start this new system, all current votes have been tallied for the September 2020 Top Clans list.


Each clan in the top 10 list be receive a temporary award on their profile highlighting their place:

Top Clans Award

An article highlighting the top 10 list will also be posted, with a notification sent out to the entire LFC community to give the list some exposure.

Anti Cheating

We're super aware of the issues with fake votes that have skewed voting for quite some time. In some cases, 70%+ of votes for a subset of clans have been fake. 

To combat this, we've introduced a series of measures to strip out these fake votes to create a fairer system. We'll also be reviewing the votes casted each month and review our anti-cheating measures on a regular basis.

The Future

Think of this as version 1 of our new Top Clans feature. We'll be reviewing and updating this process with new features/rewards as we move forwards.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more updates.