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Top Clans Live

Top Clans Live

4th Jun 2018 - 7:13pm

We're pleased to announce the launch of a new section for the site!

I present to you, Top Clans.

Top Clans Screen

You will now see an "Upvote Clan" option when viewing any clan profile on the site. Clicking this button will add one vote to the clan in question.

Clan Vote

Each vote will then contribute to the clans overall rank in our clan leaderboard where we display the clans with the most votes across the site.

Get your clan members on-site to vote for you. Our top clans will get additional exposure through this page.

We appreciate larger clans are at an advantage. To combat this, the number of upvotes your clan receives will have no impact on how you display in the rest of our listings. These votes only affect the "Top Clans" page.

A few points additional to be aware of:

  • Votes will reset every month.
  • Visitors must be logged in to vote.

Enjoy! And expect further updates to this feature as we move forwards.