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Optimising Your Clan Profile

Optimising Your Clan Profile

6th Nov 2018 - 2:24pm

Want to get the most out of our LFC profile? We've compiled a list of hints and tips to help optimise your profile and bring in the recruits you need.

Tips to Boost Clan Recruitment

  1. Add an eye-catching header image and icon for your clan. This will boost your prominence in our listing.
  2. Set the "Website" and "Discord" links within your profile if available. This will improve the number of visitors who click through to your clan's homepage.
  3. Log in and update your clan profile on a weekly basis. Our lists show the most recently updated clans first so regular updates will keep you prominent.
  4. Make sure you list the consoles and games your clan plays. This means you will appear on the "Game" and "Console" pages of the site. This is the primary way that members discover your clan.
  5. Write a few paragraphs about your clan in the description. Include what you're about, and why people should join. Potential recruits will read this.

Optional Extras

Alternatively, if you'd like to make use of some of our paid features, you can also:

  1. Register for a Premium Profile. This brings all sorts of additional benefits a features shown here.
  2. Contact us via the Official Facebook Page to run a bespoke advertising campaign to promote your clan.