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New: Clan Leagues

New: Clan Leagues

25th Nov 2020 - 11:33pm

November Top 10 Clans is coming to an end with some fierce competition for the top spots.

Some of you may have already noticed the addition of the "League" tab when editing your clans, and the introduction of a "League" filter when viewing the Top Clans page.

This is all in preparation for some changes starting December 1st.

Next month, we'll be sorting winners into the following categories:

  • Overall Top 10
  • Top 5 Small Clans (1 - 249 members)
  • Top 5 Medium Clans (250 - 499 members)
  • Top 5 Large Clans (500+ members)

The main reason for this change is to create more opportunities for smaller clans to win. The current list is dominated by clans with a larger member base and we wanted to change that. So be sure to add your clan to the relevant league.

Winners each month will receive the usual benefits including:

  • Award for your profile (Overall and League awards will stack).
  • Inclusion in the Top Clans news post which goes out to our entire member base via all channels possible (Notifications, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, etc).