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Glorious NTW3 Battle

Glorious NTW3 Battle

27th Jul 2018 - 6:10pm

Behold an epic 4v4 battle of Napoleonic Total War III [NTW3].

Many of you are likely familiar with the total war franchise, and will be no stranger to the renowned title Napoleon Total War released back in 2010. NTW3 is a free fan-made mod which adds a level of realism to these battle that the vanilla version simply can't achieve. It adds a level of historical realism to the title, and the battles feel so much more authentic as a result.

It's an old, but incredibly underrated mod which boasts thousands of dedicated players even to this day.

It's worth considering as a short or long term investment for any clan. NTW3 represents a welcome break from the fast-paced / popular shooters we see dominating the multiplayer scene today.

You can download the mod on the Official NTW3 Page over at ModDB

Credits to Pixellated Apollo for the video.