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Get Your Clan on TV

Get Your Clan on TV

30th Jul 2018 - 6:11pm

Every year, groups from The National Film & Television School [NFTS] embark on their final year projects to film a pilot episode for a potential new TV show.

One of these groups has comes to our attention and is creating a new TV show called "Meet The Clan". They intend to invite 4 - 6 gamers who are great friends online, but have never met before, to play fun & challenging real-life games.

We thought this was a brilliant pitch for a show, and wanted to put this to our community to help find them a group willing to participate. It represents a great way to boost your clan's exposure, and might just be a ton of fun to film.

While this episode is a pilot, it will be screened to Warner Bros, itv, Channel 4, BBC, ZigZag, Hat Trick, Endermol, and others. There's a real potential for this to be picked up as a full series TV show.

Filming for the first episode takes place in the UK between September 24th-29th, 2018. The organisers advise on their site that travel and accommodation expenses will be paid for the participating members.

At this time, applicants must be UK / EU based and be 18 or over.

Get involved and apply via the official Meet The Clan Website.

The project is officially supported by the NFTS





9th Aug 2018 - 2:30am

thanks for the hot tip but next time can you please start with the requirements because i live in AUS