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Developers Blog: Upcoming Changes

Developers Blog: Upcoming Changes

8th Nov 2020 - 11:36am

Welcome to the developers blog where we chat about upcoming features and changes to the LFC Platform. There's a lot going on behind the scenes are we're keen to share the next wave of updates, and when you can expect them to role out.

Top Clan Leagues

Currently, there's one league that all clans fit into which can give a heavy advantage to the larger clans with more members. After all, more members = more votes.

Next month, we'll be rolling out leagues based on clan size to the top clans feature. The main overall listing will continue to exist. However, there will be an opportunity to also win in the Small / Medium / Large clan categories. The usual rewards will apply.

We want to give a chance for small / medium sized clans to compete and win each month.

Push Notifications

You may have noticed the new popup at the top of the screen. We're trialing web push notifications as a way of keeping our community up to date with the latest updates, new and clan results. We'll also be integrating this with user accounts in the near future to provide instant notifications when receiving comments, replies, applications, etc.

Push Notifications

Mobile Platform

A number of our members have pointed out the glaring gap in our platforms list. We've now added "Mobile" as a platform to our site for clans that focus on mobile phone gaming.

Add your clan to the Mobile Clans list today.

More updates to follow!