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Developers Blog: Scheduled Maintenance

Developers Blog: Scheduled Maintenance

21st Sep 2019 - 11:31am

In the next few hours, we're moving LFC over to a swanky new high-spec server based in our usual data centre.

This means we'll be able to deliver an ever faster experience than ever before. Better load times, more capacity during peak times, etc.

With any move, there's always a small amount of downtime while we migrate our data across. We'll aim to keep this to a minimum, however, you may find the site out of action for an hour or two later today.

For our premium members, we'll be adding an extra premium day to your profiles to ensure you don't miss out.

See you on the other side!

UPDATE: We're pleased to announce we've completed the migration. Approx. 30 mins of downtime was encountered. Once again, apologies for any inconvenience caused by this temporary service outage.




2nd Oct 2019 - 4:31pm

Appreciate the update and the looking out. I’ve met a lot of community leaders from this site and have had successful endeavors in collaboration with many of them. Thank you for connecting us all. 


21st Sep 2019 - 3:21pm

That's wonderful Matt!

I'm glad to know that LFC is always looking to improve in areas that'll best benefit the website and its users.