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Developers Blog: Automated Tools / Anti Cheating

Developers Blog: Automated Tools / Anti Cheating

5th Oct 2020 - 3:23pm

Hi all, a super quick update from the LFC team today.

Recently we've noticed an increase in the number of clans using automated scripts / bots to keep themselves permanently on the first page of our listings. We want to remind everyone this is technically in breach of the site terms and conditions, and recognise this is somewhat unfair to our regular users who find it near impossible to make it onto page 1.

No action will be taken against any of the profiles using these tools as perhaps this rule could have been more prominent. However, I would like to announce a minor amend to our listings to help combat this.

Profiles will continue to be ordered by "Recently Updated", with a small change. Only one save every 6 hours will contribute to being bumped up the list.

This is a feature we'll watch closely and amend the threshold as required to best suit the community needs.

We're also very aware of a small number of clans using bots to artificially boost their vote numbers. We've taken swift action to stop these bots, and will monitor the voting list. We'll allow a certain grace period for clans to catch up, but moving forwards, clans continuing to create fake votes may face a ban. 

Thanks all, and cheers for your continued support :)




5th Oct 2020 - 8:16pm

We're hoping that with this change, members won't need to spam the "Save" button so frequently. Your clan should stay prominent for much longer when saving as save-bots won't instantly overtake your profile in 2 minutes.

This feature should be permanent, but we'll of course review and adapt to best suit the community.