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Team Saiyan

Mission Statement

💥Team Saiyan Community  💥

Team Saiyan is back on the grid and grinding we’re back with more options for the gaming community Modern Warfare, Minecraft, rust and Fortnite Teams we will extend more 🎮🔥


Active friendly mature community🔥

All regions welcome 🌏🌎🌏

We have GFX Editors for profile pics banners etc etc 📱

We also have our own video editor for your clips be edited and featured on Team Saiyan Instagram or YouTube 🎞


Join Team Saiyan become part of the family make friends find your new competitive partner 🔥🎮



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22nd Sep 2020 - 2:41pm

Hey guys, I’m mainly a COD player but can play GTA if I have people to actually play with lol

I’ve been in a clan before (MW3 - Ghosts) and we were signed up to this website where we would book in clan battles and face off against other clans.

I play casually, but I’m on a lot more than casually. Main aim is to play with a skilled team, who has good comms and can win games in a fun environment. And also willing to participate in clan battles as described above if that were to come up!

Not sure if I’m the right fit, but can you let me know based on what I’ve said? Thanks!


22nd Sep 2020 - 4:48pm

Hey there! 
Don’t worry here we have many events and tournaments and any type of interactions with the gaming community we have a pro team and out community members that just wanna have fun and meet new people and that’s what team saiyan Is about here we’re a open team where we treat each other like family! We would love to have you on the team!