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Team OCD

Mission Statement



Introducing Team OCD


We are Team OCD, we believe Esports is a industry and we can take you and your career to the next level.

If You Want to Play Games With Others, Join A Serious Competitive Team And Simply Have Fun With One Of The Best gaming Communities? Team OCD is the place to go! Being apart of Team OCD is something you won’t forget. Are You Ready To Join The Journey?


Team OCD is about making friends and having fun, as well as becoming one of the best teams! This is a non toxic team!
We have competitive for the games listed below!

  • Valorant
  • Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
  • Fortnite
  • Rocket League


Main Rules: 
• Respect all the members in OCD’s discord server.
• Sharing private information (Address, Phone, Private name, Last name, IP Etc...) is absolutely not allowed.
• Send the same message indiscriminately to a large number of Internet users - Spamming, is not allowed.
• No Sending or mentioning inappropriate content as death, sexual, scary, harassment, pornography, violence, animal cruelty and self-harm.
• Avoid being involved in dramas and fights, do not create and start any drama or fights, avoid hurting people in sensitive topics.
• No Impersonating to other users.
• No racisism in any way is not allowed. (Dont say the N-Word)
• No talking about religion
• No begging for roles.
• Cursing, threatening, extorting or harassing other members is prohibited.
• Use the correct channels.
• Do not spread fake news or fake updates to create dramas.
• Trolling is not allowed.
• Do not open more than one account, alt accounts are not allowed.
• Talk in the proper channels.
• Do not waste staff's time, do not mention them if not needed.
• Inappropriate name or profile picture is not allowed.
Voice Chat Rules: 
• No microphone spamming, loud and unwanted noises, "Earrape".
• If someone is harassing/stalks you and you can't handle the situation just speak to the staff team with proof.
• If a member ask you to leave or walk away please do as he says, avoid dramas or fights.
Link and Advertising Rules:  
• Advertising in any way of any kind is not allowed.
• No sending Links, 3rd party links, discord servers and advertisements.
• No Social media advertisements.
• No links to PayPal or other money services 
Breaking any of these rules will get you punished, or banned depending on the severity.
By joining OCD’s discord server, you agree that you read the #rules channel, and you will follow the rules correctly.


We are fun, structured community that feels small and personal but large enough to make grouping up easy. Whether you're a casual or competitive player, we've got you covered. There's plenty of playful banter here, but we do not tolerate toxicity.

We encourage and reward engagement but there is no purging or kicking of members due to inactivity. That being said, we are not recruiting people who are solely interested in acquiring twitch streamers, people who are peddling products, services or pushing their own website, and those that wish to poach members or advertise their own personal discord. These things are toxic to our community and will result in immediate bans.



We exist all across the globe, but have our strongest presence in North America For many games, we organize our teams by region to allow for a smoother gaming experience. We are currently looking to expand our Australian/APAC and Europe region.



We are currently recruiting new members. We value social interaction and loyalty above all us.

  • Mature (12+)
  • Discord mobile and/or desktop
  • Play on PC, PS4, Xbox and/or Nintendo Switch
  • Readable discord name (no special characters, invisible names or stylized letters)
  • Do not post an inappropriate Discord status



Enter our Discord, to become a member. Please make sure you have installed the Discord app before you click this link:


Youtube: Team OCD - 20+ Subscribers

Twitter: Teamocdggs - 10+ Followers

Tiktok: teamocdggs - 10+ Followers

Discord: - 250+ Members 



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