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Team Infinity

Mission Statement

Team Infinity  

Clan statement:

We are a casual and competitive clan who is based in Europe. We have founded this clan to share the passion of Gaming. We hold respect and honor above all else and we don`t tolerate toxic players. We are a community who helps each other and respects each other. Don`t care if you are good in the game. We help you to become a better player! This clan stands for respect honor and responsibility. We think a clan is the same as a family. A family of gamers.

Team Infinity gives you the best options to become a graphic designer or editor. We're not only gamers. We are a group of creative people who play together and have fun. The question you can be sure of is: Why Infinity? We can give you an answer: Because 600 other people have already done and are satisfied. Join us today!

What we offer:

- Oppertunity to meet others that share similar dreams and passions

- A positive atmosphere to enjoy 

- Clan games and Scrims 

- Personal logos and certificates


What we expect from you:

- have respect and don`t be toxic

- have honor 

- help your teammates and be friendly to them

- contribute a positive atmosphere


How to join:

You can join here: thats our Discord.


PS: Searching for Editors and Graphic Designers



-Rogue Energy:

Use code Infinity10 to save up to 50%





11th Feb 2019 - 8:58pm

Season 3 Player

Discord: Veyhl#8190

+182 wins

Kills = 9,490

K/D = 2+

NA East


I am a great builder who averages 7+ kills a game

Epic • Virquh

Ps4 • Virquh

Youtuber - 3k subs

Glaizco yt

10th Feb 2019 - 7:51pm

can i join the clan?

i play on ps4 

i have a youtube channel to see how i play 

and i like the idea ;)