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Team Deluzion

Mission Statement

Welcome to team deluzion

 ❝ We want to welcome you to our team, we are a multi-gaming team ready for players like you. You may think, what's our goal. Well, we want you to succeed. You ready?? Come on, Join. We admire everyone. Meet our requirements. Join free prize-pooled tournaments. Enjoy the exclusive content we will provide. Why not??? Good luck...❞ #Deluzion2021 #DeluzionOT
Team Deluzion

Are you looking to join a friendly and active community? 

Are you looking to become a competitive player for team deluzion?

Are you interested in becoming a grinder and try and grind into team deluzion?

Then we are the place for you!

We offer a active community, competitive play and often community events and polls.

Team deluzion isn't your same old fortnite team with tryouts. Deluzion expects top quality players who meet our requirements!

If your are looking to join as a competitive player please submit a rc using our hashtag, #DeluzionRC (please submit your rc in our community discord: )
There is NO TRYOUTS, only rcs. 

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