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Team Aqua

Mission Statement



We are Team Aqua (AQ) 

We are a BRAND NEW team with huge potential that's growing daily! At Team Aqua we love competitive play!  We have high ambitions to grow our name but most importantly our players names and careers.

We aim to be a highly recognized and respected Esports team in the near future.

Our pro competitive side is full of talent and future stars! please do not hesitate to become part of the movement  


What Team Aqua has;

- A Great community

- 2.5k+ youtube subscribers 

- 1k+ instagram followers 

- 3k+ discord members

- Team Merchandise  

- Various sponsors 

- Free GFX’s for you socials  

- Multiple ways to self promote


We are looking for strong players to join our NA, and EU and OCE teams. We have an extremely strong team so far but are always on the lookout for new applicants. Hopefully you could bring the skill we need, We are a non toxic community and all friends who work hard to get us closer to the Esports dream, All of our players are dedicated and active. everyone believes in this team and that someday we will make it to the top.

All of our regional teams have won prize money from competitions 

If your looking for a friendly team with active members and a caring staff members then join Aq

today.. we'd love to have you on board 

We have plenty of player roles and even staff roles so if you want to join this upcoming and exciting team then please apply or join Discord.

- Fortnite 

- Call of Duty

- Valorant

- Rocket League



Join our professional looking discord


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This clan is recommended by LFC



22nd Jul 2020 - 6:54pm

To the point. i can be a god when I want to. Right now only wanna play valorant. Book me fast, lol, looking for some great clan.. you will find more info in my bio. Please atleast reply, okay?


22nd Jul 2020 - 2:19am

Hello, Im 17 y/o and have been playing COD ever since BO2 so I def have some experience in boots on the ground such as the current COD Modern Warfare that I play along with Rocket League that I also play and have been playing since it first came out when it was free lol, Im asking to join yall because I feel I could help in the best way I could and hopefully grow with yall, Im a very experienced gamer and would like very much to be apart of yalls community. Thank you.


21st Jul 2020 - 11:40am


Im currently looking for a clan im a good PS4 player and I will like to be in your clan.

My epic is: ItsFunkz on YT



Parallel is an…

16th Jul 2020 - 4:11pm

hi im 12 i play pc controller and i am a creative warrior i think i would be a great addition to the clan im on na est servers and i have kind of bad ping at the moment but it will improve by end of this summer


19th Jul 2020 - 4:00am

Hey Parallel, sadly it's required that you are at least 13 before you can join the discord, but when your old enough join it, ask one of the people who have the Recruiter role about tryouts. Until then, make sure to rack up those Arena Points, it's required you have 6000 beforw asking for a tryout. Can't wait to see you in the future!


11th Jul 2020 - 12:44am

I would like to join I am 14 years old the games I play are Rocket league and Fortnite I'm a really competitive play and I always aim to win no matter what. I play on PS4.


9th Jul 2020 - 7:54pm

i would like to join im 11 years old play (fortnite, rainbow six siege and valorant)  ps. playing on pc and from finland so my english is bad



8th Jul 2020 - 8:11am

Hi i'm 11 I'm looking for clans that play competitive I play Fortnite,Warzone and modern warfare multiplayer I'm also about to switch to keyboard and mouse  


8th Jul 2020 - 5:34am

I am a pc player. I just shifted from mobile to pc but I have learned to aim and building at an average speed in just 4 days. I can do 90s, 180s, ramp rush, double ramp rush, and much more including mongraal classic. I would like to join team Aqua as I feel the community is very good and helpful.  my epic is Na1d3n........

AQ Chase2Saucey

7th Jul 2020 - 7:24pm

I would love to join the clan 

I am 15 years old have been playing since season 1 and used to play on PS4 now i play on PC so it reset my wins but I am a great player looking to play competitive


5th Jul 2020 - 9:11am

I am 13 years old and am looking for a new gaming clan.

I play keyboard and mouse and have lots of experience in competitive fortnite usually placing top 100 in solos and 70 in trios.

I would love to try out and possible join your clan.

My epic is Lolijo and my discord if you want to contact me is Lolijo#6711

Vibez -a-

4th Jul 2020 - 5:36pm

I am 12 and looking for my first clan I got 200 wins last season and I play hybrid. I do not have earnings because of my age but have about $10 in wagers with my friends. I’m looking for a good clan that is competitive and wants to have fun. My epic is Vibez -a- 

Btw happy 4th


4th Jul 2020 - 6:07am

I’d love to apply or Join this clan.  This would be an honor n a blessing.  16 and super nice.  Will vibe with you.  Also whenever you need me i’ll be there


3rd Jul 2020 - 1:40pm

I I would love to join if i can my discord is Lypsa#6678


3rd Jul 2020 - 1:30pm

I would like to join if i can my discord is Vorltorn#6180

it could be epic if i could join.


28th Jun 2020 - 7:48pm

Hey I am a streamer and I would like to join this clan my username on epic is Twitch.Klipttv


22nd Jun 2020 - 8:58pm

I have been playing Fortnite from season 3 (chapter 1) and I play a lot of competitive tournaments. I'm 15 y/o and a streamer. I started playing warzone from its beginning and I'm kinda good at it. I mostly play Fortnite and valorant sometimes.i also edit clips. I would love to be a part of the team.


12th Jun 2020 - 6:41pm

hey team aqua, I have been wanting to joina clann for a long time and you guys are the best one I found. I play on ps4 and played on pc. my epic username is desi da desi and ps4 usename is Jhgaming 04. It would be really big for me if you let me join your clan.


12th Jun 2020 - 12:34am

Hey im a 15 y/o gamer boy i am a pro comp fort/val/warzone player and i would want to join team aqua soo my future could get a little better then it is now.

craven fan

9th Jun 2020 - 9:39pm

Hello I am 13 years old and I am almost a cometive player I am very good at fortnite And I play a lot so if you were wanting Tom play with me I probably be on.i would like to join this clan becuase I have good skill at fortnite I hope to join this clan 

my epic username is sprit_andrew123

my ps4 username is andrewnd1dad



9th Jun 2020 - 12:37pm

I would like to join ur clan because I am looking to take mw to the next level I'm very good I've got Damascus and over 120 hours play time and it goes up everday 

I'd love to be able to join ur clan and grow 

My gamer tag on xbox is ghost98377 

I'm from the uk 


8th Jun 2020 - 1:24am

I'm a Beta Valorant player. never played an FPS til' Valorant. Achieved Gold 2 in 2 weeks of comp gameplay. I adapt quickly and am an aggressive minded player. I main Reyna, and phoenix. Looking for a couple of players to fill out a group for comp.


2nd Jun 2020 - 3:31pm

Hello my name on fortnite is W_wortel i have around 30 wins and 4500 arena points contact me i would like to do an tryout my mail is [email protected] (I play on EU) I play with keyboard and mouse and im not that bad



28th May 2020 - 6:42pm

Hi! I like to play Fortnite and I play on Xbox One I always wanted to join a clan so I can make new friends that are really nice so I want to join my Xbox One name is Hyperkid3640 and that is also my Fortnite username I have Discord and my name on Discord is Hyperkid#3579 so I really want to join and maybe you guys can give me some tryouts?


26th May 2020 - 9:11am

Hey, I'm Tristan and i'm 13 years old and wanna have fun playing Fortnite but also very competitive im getting better and better everyday and i would love to join the clan I play on Xbox one but mostly of PC for Fortnite and think  I'm pretty good at the game and i am beating most of my friends and could post some content. 

You can contact me at my email: [email protected] 


19th May 2020 - 10:20am

Hello! My name is Kian Or Ocean. I am a semi-pro fortnite player who has 2500+ points in arena, A k/d of 4.2, A win rate of 3.00%, and 7,030 kills. I have been playing since season 2 and a half, and have many OG skins (not that it matters). I like to play Box fights, 1v1s, Scrims, Arena, Solo-Squads and Tournaments. I play in tournaments every Sunday. I do not play in fortnite created tournaments because I do not have 2FA. I play in wagers, customs and scrims. I have £40 in earnings and I am making my way to earning more. I am a hybrid player, I play on PS4 And PC. I am very advanced on PS4, But I am very good on PC too. I can do high-ground retakes and I can hit consistent headshots. I can also edit incredibly fast. I am looking for a clan who is supportive of others, non-toxic and growing. My epic username does not work with some people if they want to add me, I am not sure as to why this is but I will try and figure it out. My epic and PS4 username are: PC_Ocean. If you would like to contact me, contact me via email. My email is [email protected]. No spam or unnecessary email.  I will leave my twitch link under this.

My Twitch:


2nd May 2020 - 1:55am

Hey i'm interested in joining but the thing is my parents are really overprotective so they only allow me to play online, they don't let me create content other than streaming on mixer.


15th Apr 2020 - 6:36pm

Hi I'm Kusunagiii, I just recently bought an xbox one s from my friend so I'm rusty. It's very nostalgic to hold a Controller again after giving it up to work for your family business. But I got some free time now and I'm looking to get back into the passion for what I love and missed. I'm 33 years old. Looking to get evil. I'm an Xbox One player also.


13th Apr 2020 - 11:12pm

My name I sent Zach Connors I’m 16 about to turn 17. I have always loved video games been playing since the age of 4, (Call of duty) specifically. I have always been better than people. I have had many people tell me I need to use my skill, like finding clan


6th Apr 2020 - 12:31am

Hi, Team Crypticz I have joined your discord and I don't know where we apply. I'm a fun competitive player who would love to join your team. If you could get back to me that would be greatly appreciated.


5th Apr 2020 - 11:45pm

I am an avid gamer looking for like-minded competitive teammates.  Please get back with me as soon as you can so we can get to demolishing teams together!


My xbox gt is the same as my username here


26th Mar 2020 - 2:22pm

I would like to join this clan but i don’t have discord... i am a good player on ps4 with mouse and keyboard. I play fortnite my username is TP_Shadows.


9th Feb 2020 - 11:22am

I need a clan to support my channel. Please add me to your amazing clan! I am a sweat yet I need an editor for my vids. Pls help me out in my journey


6th Feb 2020 - 8:20pm

Is there any way I can join without discord because I don't have it but I really want to join. This clan sounds like the clan for me but I can't download discord. Can I still join without it?