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Tactical Core Warfare

Mission Statement

I'm not one to ask or do much, I'm the type that wants and will do. If I see an opportunity damn straight, I will do it. Whether it leads me down a rabbit's hole. 

Hi and welcome to my small dinky little community, TCW means Tactical Core Warfare, it's a name that seems ordinary. I'm more of a Strategist then a pusher or frontline assault like most people who seek the thrill of bloodshed and trophies. I prefer to analyze my objectives and play it out stealth like. My common choice of weaponry is long range combat, or mid-range combat. I prefer Marksmanship over Sub machineguns or shotguns or the thrill of 180'ing with a sniper.

Any who going off track, TCW is a new community built around Call of Duty, From MW, MW2, MW3, WZ, DMZ, MWZ, Vanguard and the Older Cods. I apologize if you do not see them in the self-roles, I am still tinkering with it. 

The requirements to join:

  • Must be 18+ 
  • Mic (Included)
  • Discord (Recommended)

Click the Discord Tab to join.