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Swifty Clan

Mission Statement

Were a small gaming clan that prides itself in its small but growing community of non toxic players and good communication so your voice is guaranteed to be heard. We have teams for Apex Legends Fortnite and Cod warzone r6 and titanfall2
Reasons you should join.
1.We have a welcoming and friendly community of various different players of different skill levels
2. we offer free couching for Apex Legends Cod warzone and Fortnite
3. We will sub/follow all of your social medias

4.every sunday night we have movie night were 3 of the clan members pick each a dif movie to watch and then the rest of the clan votes on which of the 3 movies to watch.

5.every friday night we have fortnite night from 5:00pm to 9:00PM EST everyone for the fortnite division all hope on and play creative.

6. Your age and skills dont matter to us




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