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Rogue Energy Streamweasels and Vertagear

 Subversive Gaming is a gaming community that caters specifically to adult   gamers, we have members aged between eighteen and fifty-five. If you, like the   260+ people who've joined us, would like to meet other adults to game with   without having to worry about issues that arise within a youth oriented community,   then join us here.

 Now that we've finished building our incredible Gold and Silver Roster League of   Legends teams, we're now ready for our next team(s) to tryout. If you're interested   in trying out for a new Call of Duty eSports team, then join our discord and tryout.

 If you're looking to coach, or you're looking to build a team for a game that you play exceptionally, then join and talk to our eSports Director. We want to build teams for a variety of games; Valorant, Rocket League and Apex are likely the next ones!

We offer a ranking structure that's based loosely around the FBI, and we've recently hit 260 members, so there's plenty of room for progression and to be part of the growth of our gaming community! We've set out a timeline for our future, and over 2021 we are making preparations to go from what we are now to a fully established organisation with paid employees and several revenues of capital. A large portion of cash we raise/earn will be reinvested into our community division, hosting tournaments and events where prizes can be anything from a new game, to a PlayStation 5, or even a custom built gaming PC. 

We're an organisation that strongly holds our "motto" in everything we do; "Built for the people, by the people." and this is shown in all layers of our leadership team, from lower leaders to senior leaders, and then our Councillors democratically vote on major changes or issues. We do not have one person making all the decisions like most other clans and guilds, but two body's within structure that democratically vote on changes and important decisions. Within each division, there's a Subcommittee, each and every leader has an equal vote. The purpose of this is to ensure that any proposed idea or change gets put to the people, our CEO decided that this should happen so we can focus on becoming something truly great. 

If something's passed by a Subcommittee, if it's a major change it will then be discussed and voted on by the Subversive Gaming Council. A body separate from our leadership structure, and the most senior decision makers in the organisation. Even more so, in a way, to the CEO. The Council decide on major changes, sensitive petitions and then any breaches to our Codes of Conduct and/or policies. The CEO upon founding set us up so that no one can be kicked, unless inactive, without a unanimous vote from The Council. This protects any member from being unfairly kicked or banned without a justified reason, and this is something we're incredibly proud of. 

What we offer is not just a community but a family, we offer contests, giveaways, and events on a somewhat consistent basis and have tons to do and tons of great people to interact with. Most importantly, we offer SUPPORT. If you want to grow, we will help you. Now that we have the capacity to create esports teams, as we've already created two for League of Legends, and we're offering support to new streamers, we're seeing rapid growth in the members that accept the support that wouldn't be given to them elsewhere. Come be part of the collective, change the narrative of your gaming experience and subvert the cliche's; Join Subversive Gaming!

SG Ranking Structure (Loosely derived from the FBI ranks)

"This community is great, I've not encountered any negativity, or toxicity within Subversive Gaming. I couldn't say I have any dislikes either! I truly believe in the growing eSports scene here, and I'm excited that I'll be taking a role in the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege team in the next few months! I can't select only a few things that I would say are my favourite aspects here; Everyone is welcoming! There's no toxicity here, members and leaders especially are super supportive! Ideas are always welcome, this org is built entirely off the ideas of everyone! My absolute favourite though would be that anyone can apply to start their own esports team under the SG brand!" - GhostlyRamen, 33, United States

"I like how active this group is, most of the other discord servers I’ve tried to join are usually dead with barely anyone posting or playing together. I especially like how this group is pretty friendly and when there have been some bad eggs who’ve made me or others feel uncomfortable they are dealt with efficiently. It’s been hard finding a safe place to post about anything, even besides gaming, feels nice not to worry about judgement over every little thing; so this was a good find! I also like the fact that the community isn't super competitive either!" RuluRoss, 27, United States

" I joined Subversive Gaming at the beginning of December and found my feet instantly and made friendships extremely quick. One of my first experiences was playing with the community leaders having a blast in GTA V. The community is great as you can play a wide variety of games and there will always be another member in SG that will have the game, so always someone to join. My time so far has been great and you have the choice of what gaming style you experience. You are not restricted to your own console as the community is for everyone, and you end up having conversations with literally anyone as you are share the love of playing games; whether it be casual or competitive. I can't think of anything that I could suggest to improve what we already have here, as the leadership and directors are constantly welcoming ideas and suggestions from everyone in the organisation. SG is incredibly welcoming to new members, there's no toxicity, it's always active, members are really supportive and the LFG system makes it so easy to find someone to play with!" KaptaiNKabinetZ, 26, PS5, United Kingdom 




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22nd Sep 2020 - 2:16pm

Hey guys, I’m mainly a COD player but can play GTA if I have people to actually play with lol

I’ve been in a clan before (MW3 - Ghosts) and we were signed up to this website where we would book in clan battles and face off against other clans.

I play casually, but I’m on a lot more than casually. Main aim is to play with a skilled team, who has good comms and can win games in a fun environment. And also willing to participate in clan battles as described above if that were to come up!

Not sure if I’m the right fit, but can you let me know based on what I’ve said? Thanks!


22nd Sep 2020 - 6:19pm


We're currently building a competitive division, so it's in the works. We require new members to get the competitive division off the ground, members who are interested in helping us build something great. We're currently casual, but yeah we've got plans to move into competitive/eSports over the next few months. 


Kind Regards, 

SG Leadership


20th Oct 2020 - 1:54am

Hey I’m mainly an apex player. I’m really looking for a team to play with casually and competitively. I’m definitely trying to get back into cod and streaming more and to also have a purpose behind it. Was wondering if you guys were recruiting anytime soon?