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Subversive Gaming

Mission Statement

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Subversive Gaming, or SG for short, is a mature, adult only gaming community, with members aged between 18 and 45 years old, who would like to meet other adults to game with without having to worry about issues that arise within a youth oriented community. We offer a ranking structure that's based loosely around the FBI, and we've recently hit 150 members, so there's plenty of room for progression and to be part of the growth of our gaming community!

We're slowly putting together a competitive division, not rushing the process and ensuring the right people are running it. If you're interested in helping build something from the ground up then please join the discord and let Wolfdomo know, he's the Competitive Division's acting leader currently. 

We're also a community that strongly holds our "motto" in everything we do; "Built for the people, by the people." and this is shown in our Council, we do not have one person making all the decisions but a collective group who vote on things like; whether we should kick someone, what direction we should take, who gets promoted into senior leadership, who gets removed. All of this we've done to remove the pettiness and drama from the leadership, and our members are able to get down to gaming!

SGN Ranking Structure (Loosely derived from the FBI ranks)

What we offer is not just a community but a family, we offer contests, giveaways, and events on a somewhat consistent basis and have tons to do and tons of great people to interact with.

We want to keep the post on here short, check out our website for more information but please do join our discord server to start getting the hands on learning about who we are and what we're about. That's the way you'll decide whether we're right for you, not some words on a screen! We hope to see you soon!!

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