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Shadow Gate (Clans and/or Public Discord)

Mission Statement

[ShG] - Shadow Gate

Individually we may be weak, but together we will never be defeated.




About us:

-We are a gaming community out to make friends, have fun, blow stuff up, and grow as a community! We are based off of the Shadow Gate clan but our discord is open to the public for public games and public help/ guidance.

-If you need help through the game, we are more than willing to help, whether it be quests or just a hard battle, just ask :)


Why us?:

-We are a close community, by requiring everyone to have discord it allows for us to see that everyone is involved and no one is left out. We want others to be in sync and this is what separates us from other large clans. 


Clan Recruiting:

-Looking for motivated, devoted members in both pvp and pve (raids and strikes) 

-USA based clan but anyone is welcome! 

-Discord is required (but it is not required to talk)


Clan Requirements:



-Discord is required. However, chatting is not required. (Their are text channels too)

-PC only (sorry Xbox and ps4)


Clan Rules:


-You keep all of our requirements




Hey yall just switched over from PS4 to PC just looking for a clan, Im knowlegdable about the raid, ive done trials 


my battle tag is Deadman1145#1421


i do have another friend that would like to join but he dosen't have destiny 2 yet he will have it next week  


Looking to join the clan. Very hardcore player, looking for people to play with as i've made a console switch.


ID ThomasCoul #2606 


I would like to join. Please send invite. Long time Destiny 1 player. Right now working on ranking up warlock and starting other 2 chars. Thanks.


In case my prior usename was unclear due to the font, that is a number 0 after gremlins. Thanks. Battlenet shows it as: gremlins0#1240


Could I be added to the clan, I just got the gane today but am 225 light warlock, and have alot of destiny 1 experience


Hardcore player looking for clan, currently at 276 and will probably make the push to 285 by the end of today. is imasmash#1649 IGN is: imasmash


Experienced player here looking for a clan. 235 Hunter, and very active looking to PVP and PVE. 


Battletag: Chris777#1142


Hi, Currently i rolled a Warlock, my power lvl is #244 as of this application but it will be higher tonight. Looking for a clan to continue to progress. #HerbNinja11326


Hey. My 3 friends and I are all looking for a fun and semi-hardcore clan to play with in Destiny 2. We would like to try and go into the first raid blind with no one giving hints or pre-designed strategies. We have 2 warlocks a titan and hunter all 270 - 275. There are 4 of us total and we would all be very interested in joining. My b-tag is EatzPandaz#1756 feel free to contact me for any questions :)


Hello, I'm a 272 Titan that just wants to join a fun, semi hardcore clan that complete nightfalls, raids, etc. with a fun group of people, while still completing it, I'm on everyday and will be very active in this clan.

Battlenet: Enjoy#11517


Hello, I am a 274 Hunter that wants to find a new home with some adults who play Destiny 2.

I want to do nightfalls and PvP, and definitely want to get into raids ASAP.

I usually play at least 4 or 5 days a week, EST.


Hi! I'm a 264 warlock looking for a clan and a pretty active player looking for a fun atmosphere to complete raids/nightfalls ect. All of my friends are on console so I'm just looking for people to play with and have a good time.

bnet : lovebelow#1363


Making the switch to PC from PS4. Had a 305 titan, 304 warlock and 303 hunter on PS4 but I got bored and wanted some of those sweet 60fps so I switched to PC. Currently leveling my initial character but I'm very experienced with just about everything Destiny 2 has to offer, I platinumed the game. I've run the raid many times and was a sherpa for a couple runs, I do play PVP as well but I'll admit my skill level is average in PVP. Just looking for an active clan that wants to work together in a positive way.

Thanks, my battlenet is GollyJolly#1213


Love to join, run the nightfall quite a bit. Looking to push past the 265 wall for right now. Add me: ZEON#1775


Love to join, run the nightfall quite a bit. Looking to push past the 265 wall for right now. Add me: ZEON#1775


How's it going. Active player, been playing since launch. Looking for a clan to do the raid as well as all the other activities. Been playing Destiny since back in 2014, multiple clears of the old raids. My cousin would also like to join as well. I'm Nahok#1422 and he's TheGum#1931


Hello. I played Destiny on PS4 with a Reddit-based clan and really enjoyed playing through the end game content. I switched to PC for Destiny 2 and am looking for a new group to game and socialize with. I already actively use Discord.

I currently have two characters - a 273 Warlock and a 271 Hunter. Er00H#1225


BoxxyBrown88#1964 275 titan. 29 years old with mic. Looking for a semi casual group of mature gamers to group up with for all the social content. NA pacific time zone.


btag michaelskarn#1176 i switched from ps4 to pc i know the raid and pretty much everything else


Hello, may I join?

Would love to try nightfall and maybe later some raiding :)

My battletag is Lusiferr#1404


Id love to join, need a community to play with, im on every day and would like to start raiding soon to enjoy what it has to offer!

Btag Tingcelery#1752


Hey, level 20 warlock here, power level 269. Looking to grind power levels to get into end game content, I've hit a wall with what I can do as a solo player however. Would love to join up.

About me: 22 m, comp sci/game dev major