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Saturn Ascends

Mission Statement

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Calling all 21+ PC gamers!

Saturn Ascends is a newly established, mature (banter welcomed), 21+ PC gaming community (cross-play enabled). We are based in NA, but welcome EU members as well.

Saturn Ascends was founded on 11/1/2020 with one vision in mind: an adult only gaming community. A place where you can meet new, like minded people, who are not easily offended by the littlest of things; and most importantly - to be surrounded by people who share the same passion that you do - video games!

We invite you to come join our Discord (after removing your shoes of course), get comfortable, grab a drink, play a few games, and chat about your day/hobbies/sports/etc.

We do not offer set competitive teams in this Discord, but we welcome you to team up with other members, under the Saturn Ascends tag.

We currently offer game chats for the following games: Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Counter Strike, Rocket League, Rogue Company, Valorant and World of Warcraft. We welcome those that play any game to join our community, and you can post/look for people to play those games with under our game category "other-games".

Click the Discord link at the top left to join the fun today!



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23rd Nov 2021 - 6:31pm

Hi! I am THX-1099 and I'm trying to get people into starting a new league for gaming clans. Like an actual league with a schedule, divisions, records, and playoffs!. I obviously need teams to be able to do so, my goal is to at least hit 20 teams before new years and the main reason im doing this is because i want to personally get more involved with the gaming community and i want clans and teams to get more involved as well! I've created a clan profile for my league and if you want to you can check it out to get your team registered, it doesn't cost anything as well! If you need more details or have questions contact me at [email protected]